The S.S. Libra was a cargo ship carrying Pokémon in XD: Gale of Darkness. The S.S. Libra's crash site appears to be located near the Cipher Key Lair.


Before the events of the game, it was taken by Cipher. After being informed by Justy, Michael heads into the direction to the S.S. Libra. However, Michael must first get his scooter upgraded by Maken as the wheels get stuck in the deep sand leading to the S.S. Libra. After going on-board, Michael ends up running into one of the Cipher Admins: Gorigan. Gorigan and his Cipher Peons are talking about a rare Pokémon being on the ship and are having a difficult time. Gorigan then notices Michael and concludes that Snattle has lost. Gorigan then orders a Cipher Peon to defeat Michael while he heads back to the Cipher Key Lair. Michael defeats Cipher Peon Smarton and presses on. Michael runs into a worker who has made the S.S. Libra his home saying there is plently of food and a working bathroom. However, the worker says he keeps hearing noises down in the hull and askes Michael to check it out. Michael heads further to the hull and discovers it was a Bonsly. The Bonsly runs away and the worker was relieve to hear that it was just a Pokémon. Michael then decides to leave but, before he could do so, he is ambushed by Team Snagem. Knowing they cannot win against Michael, they use their Gloom's Sleep Powder to put Michael to sleep and steals his Snag Machine. Michael wakes up in the room with the worker and the worker says that he is surprised that Team Snagem is still around. Michael then leaves the S.S. Libra and heads for the Cipher Key Lair.


Cipher Peon Smarton: Huntail (Lv. 27), Cacnea (Lv. 27), Teddiursa (Lv. 27), Koffing (Lv. 27)

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