For the variant appearing in the games, see Ryuki.

Ryuki is a character appearing in Pokémon Adventures.


Ryuki is a young guy, whose green eyes are shaded by a dark veil from his white/red wild hair, which has a long ponytail. He wears a red bodysuit with yellow markings and black borders, decorated with black metal spikes on his boots, forearms and fingers (except his thumbs). His bodysuit is exposed in the midriff area, decorated with yellow spikes. He also has a black belt, and a black collar.


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Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon arc

Ryuki went to Mount Lanakila, where he encountered Moon, who was unconscious. He was contacted by a person just to take her to the location, so Ryuki grabbed Moon's unconscious body and left.[1]

Faba invited Ryuki to his lab, to confront Moon and Gladion. The latter two were overwhelmed by his noise, as Ryuki declared he was the Pokémon superstar, to which Moon wondered why was he playing a guitar case. Ryuki claimed he needed a fitting stage for a powerful opponent to take on: he hasd travelled across Alola region take on the Ultra Beasts, and was told by Faba to take Moon from Mount Lanakila to this place. Faba had Ryuki battle Gladion, and the former sent Turtonator to fight Gladion's Silvally. Ryuki believed in Faba by defeating Silvally, the Ultra Beasts would disperse. However, as Silvally attacked Turtonator, and attempted to run away, Ryuki became quite annoyed that it was stealing his spotlight. Thus, Turtonator emitted its spikes to attack Moon and Silvally.[2]


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