This Zweilous is a Dark/Dragon-type Pokemon owned by Ryuki.


Kiawe sent Marowak to fight against Ryuki's Zweilous. The two heads of Zweilous bickered with each other, until Ryuki played loud music to sychronize them. Zweilous fired Dark Pulse, which defeated Marowak in an instant. At Ash's attempt, he sent Rowlet to fight Zweilous. Rowlet attempted to use Tackle, but was thwarted by Zweilous' Dragon Rush. In addition, Zweilous bit Rowlet and hurled him away. Just as Ryuki was to continue, Ash's Meltan ate some of the metal on his clothing. Ryuki panicked, but saw Ash's flow was impressive. Thus, he let Meltan join Rowlet, while Ryuki sent Druddigon, turning the Single into a Double Battle. Zweilous used Bite on Meltan, who was cornered. Rowlet attempted to use Peck, but Zweilous roared at it, scaring it off. Rowlet noticed Meltan was being cornered, and turned its Peck attack into Brave Bird. Druddigon and Zweilous were blown away, and were easily defeated by a combination of Brave Bird and Flash Cannon.[1]

Known moves

  • Using Dark Pulse
  • Using Dragon Rush
  • Using Bite


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