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Rusturf Tunnel is a tunnel in Hoenn, connecting two sections of Route 116 and Verdanturf Town. The tunnel was meant to be a link between Rustboro City and Verdanturf Town, hence the name, but the project was stopped near completion, leaving two breakable rocks in the middle to separate the sections.

During the first time the player enters this tunnel, Peeko is kidnapped by a Team Magma Grunt or Team Aqua Grunt who was seen stealing the Devon Goods or Devon Parts earlier. After a battle with the grunt, he returns the Devon Goods or Devon Parts, and the player returns Peeko to Mr. Briney, allowing him to offer a ferry from Route 104.

When the player accesses the tunnel from Verdanturf Town, two people can be found separated by the two rocks, asking the player to use Rock Smash. The man will give the player HM04 Strength (Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald) or Aggronite (Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire).

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