Rustboro City is a city in Hoenn. Roxanne's Gym is here and it is also the city that contains the Devon Corporation, which makes items for people inside the game (for example) the Pokémon Navigator, or the PokéNav for short. In addition, the Devon Corporation is also the area for Hoenn where fossils are reverted into living Pokémon.

The house beside the PC (Pokémon Center) is where you can get the HM Cut. You need to defeat the gym leader Roxanne before you can use the HM Cut. Go inside the Poké Mart, and talk to the guy in the suit and tie. He will give you the TM False Swipe, which will be useful once you get farther in the game and your Pokémon will be too strong to weaken a wild Pokémon without making it faint. Also, go to the Trainer's School, then talk to the teacher to get a Quick Claw. Then, go in the house northeast of the school. The kid wearing a blue hat will trade a Makuhita for your Slakoth, which will be useful for the gym battle.


It is connected to Petalburg City through the Petalburg Woods followed by a sea-side route from the south, connected to Fallarbor Town through Meteor Falls followed by a one-way trail from the north, and connected almost directly to Verdanturf Town through the Rusturf Tunnel from the east. It appears to be surrounded by a cave or forest on all three sides.


The gang arrives in Rustboro City in Gonna Rule The School!. Ash challenged Roxanne and defeated her to win the Stone Badge.


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