Ruby's mother is a character in Pokémon Adventures.


Ruby's mother is medium height and slender. She has light brown hair cut boy short with a curl that sticks up around the crown area on her head. She wears a white shirt and a skirt.


Ruby's mother is a sweet, cheerful character. She is very caring towards others, especially Ruby and her husband, Norman. She was shown to be very upset in a flashback, when Norman had to go away, showing that she cares deeply about him, and was worried about him.


Ruby's mother first appeared when she was riding the van and watching Norman's interview. She stated that she was happy that they can finally live together as a family in the Hoenn region. She calls Ruby out to come to the front of the van and watch his dad on the TV. Ruby however answers that he is busy, which she already expected that Ruby would answer with it. The van then got stuck in the mud and Ruby's mother called her son to help her out but Ruby didn't want to help her because he didn't want that his Pokémon became dirty. She sighed at his response but was caught in surprise when Ruby ordered Rara to use Confusion to move the van away from the mud.

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