This Garbodor is a poison-type Pokémon owned by Roxie.


Garbodor was first seen in a trainer's flashback, since the trainer explained to the heroes he battled the ruthless Roxie.[1]

BW086 4

Garbodor extends its arms, dodging Pignite's attack.

As her final Pokémon, Roxie sent Garbodor to battle Ash's Pignite. Pignite tried to finish the battle quickly, but Garbodor extended its limbs to dodge its Flame Charge attack and hit him with Double Slap attack. Pignite managed to tackle Garbodor, who pushed Pignite away, negating its chance to use Fire Pledge. Pignite attempted to attack once more, but was defeated by Garbodor's Hyper Beam. Ash sent his Palpitoad, who used Mud Shot, but missed Garbodor. Palpitoad tried to attack Garbodor once more, but got hit by Garbodor's Gunk Shot. Garbodor eventually used Venoshock and defeated Palpitoad as well. Ash sent his final Pokémon, Pikachu, who dodged Garbodor's Double Slap and ran around, managing to tie Garbodor's arms into a knot. Pikachu used Quick Attack, hitting Garbodor, but missed it using Thunderbolt. Pikachu attacked Garbodor with Iron Tail, who directed the attack towards its arms, managing to free them out of the knot. Garbodor used Gunk Shot, which Pikachu dodged, but Pikachu was raised up into the air. Pikachu was slammed down and got hit by Garbodor's Double Slap. Garbodor continued attacking, but was affected by Pikachu's Static. Garbodor eventually poisoned Pikachu with Gunk Shot. Garbodor tried to defeat Pikachu with Venoshock, but got paralyzed earlier by Pikachu's Static and got hit by his Thunderbolt. Garbodor tried to negate Pikachu's Electro Ball with Venoshock, but failed and got defeated, thus making Roxie lose the battle.[2]

Ash remembered battling the Unova Gym Leaders, including Roxie and her Garbodor, the night before he entered the Unova League.[3]

Known moves

  • Using Double Slap
  • Using Gunk Shot
  • Using Hyper Beam
  • Using Venoshock


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