For the Geodude owned by Roxanne in the anime, see Roxanne's Geodude.

This Geodude is a Rock/Ground-type Pokémon owned by Roxanne.


AG016 4

Geodude stopping Ash's Treecko's Quick Attack.

When Team Rocket was causing trouble in the Trainers' School, Roxanne sent Geodude, who used Rollout to blast them off.[1] During Ash's Gym battle with Roxanne, Roxanne sent Geodude to battle Ash's Treecko. Geodude blocked Treecko's Quick Attack and sent it flying by using Mega Punch. Treecko used its speed to deal a blow on Geodude by using Pound. Geodude attacked with Rollout, and despite Treecko dodging the move and countering with a stregthed version of its Pound attack, Geodude came close to Treecko and defeated it with Mega Punch. As his second Pokémon, Ash sent Pikachu, who used Thunder to clear the field from the rocks. Geodude's Rock Throw placed the rocks back in the place, while Pikachu used Quick Attack to dodge. Being quite close to Pikachu, Geodude's Mega Punch sent Pikachu flying away. Geodude tried to use Rollout, but the field was too flat for Geodude. As Roxanne tried to have Geodude get out of range, Pikachu defeated Geodude with Thunder despite that Geodude is normally immune to electric attacks, since It is part ground-type.[2]

Known moves

  • Using Rollout
  • Using Mega Punch
  • Using Rock Throw


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