Rowena is Kodai's secretary in Zoroark: Master of Illusions.


Rowena is shown to be tall and slender with pink eyes and black hair. She wears a white collared shirt underneath a black and grey blazer suit and skirt with yellow designs, dark red-violet stockings and black heeled shoes.

While in disguise, she wears glasses and keeps her hair in side-buns with yellow hoops. Upon revealing her true identity, she removes her glasses and lets her hair down, revealing it is back-length.


Initially, she was shown to be Grings Kodai's brilliant secretary and seemed to be very easily startled. However, she is later revealed to be a undercover reporter and a friend of Karl who feigned being Kodai's secretary in order to find some inside info about him, later finding out that he was the one who had destroyed the wildlife in Crown City 20 years in the past.


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