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This Rotom Pokédex is an Electric-type Pokémon and a character in the Sun & Moon series.


Rotom claims to be a self-learning Pokédex (similar to an A.I.) and has the ability to speak human language. Early in the series, it has a bad habit of getting up close and personal to the Pokémon in order to see if the information about it is true, only to annoy and get attacked by said Pokémon. It also updates itself whenever it meets a new Pokémon by taking pictures of it or when it finds something new about a Pokémon. As shown in Rising from the Ruins!, once Rotom Dex updates its photographic database and finds a way to describe the new Pokémon, the updated information then becomes available to download on various other Pokédexes. Rotom gets along with Ash and all of his friends, but has shown an aversion to Sophocles's attempts to "study" it. Largely due its self-learning nature, it also has an innate desire to catalog any Pokémon within the region. In Alola, Kanto!, it left during a field trip to Kanto on its own to try and catalog all 151 Kanto Pokémon, only missing one, Mew, by the time it returned to Oak's Lab.

While inhabiting the Pokédex, Rotom does not appear to have combat functions, and is unable to use any moves. As shown in Crystal-Clear Sleuthing!, it can use its "arms" to extract data from other electronic devices and update itself with the device's function. Additionally, if it is upside down or sideways, it can recalibrate its screen to show the data the right side up. Rotom also uses the numbers on its screen to express the statistics, usually showing the percentage of something, for example, to show the likelihood of a Pokémon appearing nearby. As shown in Let Sleeping Pokémon Lie!, Rotom has a clear waterproof casing, allowing it to be used underwater.

Rotom is also a huge fan of the show Alolan Detective Laki. It likes to cosplay as the titular character Laki, wearing a wig modeled after his hairstyle of Laki, which Professor Kukui bought for it, to achieve this. It also looks up to Laki and even used his thought process in order to figure out how to deal with the fact that it had become frozen. However, Rotom tends to jump to conclusions with its deductions, such as in Crystal-Clear Sleuthing!, when it believed that Kiawe stole Ash's Electrium Z. This was also shown in Lulled to La-La Land!, when it accused Lillie of putting Ash and the rest of the group to sleep and draining their energy, causing Mallow to jump to her defense. In addition, it is known to state the obvious through its calculations. Rotom is prideful in expressing the information it helps to deliver. So much so that in Bright Lights, Big Changes!, it was revealed to have realized its goal of becoming the universe's greatest Pokédex.

In The Dex Can't Help It!, it is revealed that if Rotom takes too much of a shock, it will be forced out of the electronic it is inhabiting. As mentioned in the episode's Poké Problem segment, Rotom has spent so much time in its Pokédex form that it feels uncomfortable outside of it.


Rotom Pokédex debuted as a normal Rotom. It fused with Ash's Alola Pokédex to become one. At first, it wanted Ash to call it Rotom Pokédex Form, but it then accepted Ash calling it Rotom after it saw Ash got tangled into a knot.[1]

Rotom became excited when it takes pictures of all the Kanto Pokémon at Professor Oak's laboratory and to record everything. As everyone are doing the welcoming party by sunset, Rotom finally completes its record of the Pokémon in the Kanto region, but it soon becomes incomplete due to Mew's presence who is hiding behind the bush to observe Ash and the others before it happily leaves.[2]

Rotom gets mixed up with another Rotom from a washing machine and starts causing havoc just trying to get back to its Pokédex.[3]

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At some point during the Alola crisis, Rotom helped join everyone in sharing its light to restore Necrozma's original Ultra form.[4]

At the end of Ash's Alola journey, Rotom decides to stay at the Aether Foundation with Faba and Wicke, where they were promised a career to become the "best Pokédex in the world".[5]

Journeys series

Rotom later reunited with Ash and Pikachu when they came to visit in Alola. It was irritated when his Rotom Phone described it as pretty useless.[6]

Known moves

Voice actors


  • Rotom has many similarities to the character Whisper from Yo-kai Watch:
    • Both can levitate.
    • Both are companions to the main protagonist and are based on ghosts from mythology.
    • Both left the main protagonist on occasion, but always returned at some point.
    • Both have information on their respective franchise's monsters.
  • Like Max, Dawn, Bonnie and Clemont, Rotom Pokédex didn't travel alongside Ash until the third episode of their respective series after they introduce themselves.