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The Roseli Berry is a Berry introduced in Generation VI.


In-Battle Effect

If the holder is hit by a supereffective Fairy-type move, the Roseli Berry is consumed and the damage taken is halved.

Berry Information

Generation VI (XY)
Growth Time Hours per Stage Yield
48 Hours 8 Minimum: 3
Maximum: 20
Berry Fields Pest Mutation
665.png Spewpa Salac Berry
(grow with Grepa Berry)
Juice Shoppe Group Special Recipes
3 Ultra Rare Soda
(used with Enigma Berry)
Generation VI (ORAS)
Growth Time Hours per Stage Yield
32 Hours 8 Minimum: 2
Maximum: 10
Color Pokéblock+ Rate
Red Medium
Generation VII
Growth Time Yield
48 Hours
(30 + 6 + 8 + 4)
Minimum: 2
Maximum: 6
Associated Festival Plaza Dye Dark Pink
Generation VIII (SWSH)
Artwork Curry Description
Curry Roseli Berry Sprite.png A Berry that can be used for herbal tea. Its rich sweetness and elegant fragrance make this Berry perfect as an ingredient in a sophisticated dish.
Berry Flavor Values Curry Flavor
(When Cooked Alone)
Sweet 4, Bitter 1 Sweet
Generation VIII (BDSP)
The Roseli Berry has no data in BDSP.


Games Description
If held by a Pokémon, this Berry will lessen the damage taken from one supereffective Fairy-type attack.


Games Location
XY Route 14
Reward from Inver
ORAS Route 123 Berry Master's garden
Reward from Inver
Contest Hall (from a fan after completing a Master Rank Contest)
SMUSUM Poni Wilds (Berry pile)
Held by the Totem Kommo-oUSUM
SWSH Bridge Field, Route 9 (shaking Berry Trees)
SWSHCT Giant's Bed (shaking Berry Trees)
BDSP Stratospheric Room (after defeating Rayquaza)


The Roseli Berry is based on a roselle or rose bud, which it also gets its name from. Its description of being used in tea references the use of roselle and rose hips for use in tea. Its protection against the Fairy type may also reference how rose parts are used in sophisticated or used as a decoration to some meals.