This Rampardos is Roark's main Rock-type Pokémon.


At some point, Roark found a Cranidos fossil and revived the deceased Cranidos. Cranidos became his most powerful fighter, showing impressive speed and power as well as remarkable jumping abilities.

Cranidos first appeared as Roark's last Pokémon when Paul challenged him. Cranidos defeated Chimchar, despite its legs being weakened by two Flame Wheels and a battle with Elekid. Even with its injured legs, Cranidos was a formidable opponent, but Elekid managed to defeat Cranidos.

When Roark battled Ash, he surprised Ash and his friends by choosing Cranidos first instead of last. Cranidos easily defeated Aipom and battled Pikachu, weakening it enough to cause Ash to replace Pikachu with Turtwig. Turtwig managed to defeat Cranidos.

When Team Rocket attempted to steal the fossils that Roark and Cranidos were protecting, Cranidos evolved into Rampardos in order to stop them. With its newly gained strength, Rampardos easily defeated Team Rocket.

During Roark and Ash's rematch, Rampardos was the last Pokémon Roark used, defeating Aipom and Pikachu and nearly defeating Turtwig before finally being knocked out by Razor Leaf.

Rampardos appeared when Roark challenged his father, Byron, to a battle and fought Byron's Bastiodon. They seemed evenly matched but the battle was called off due to an interruption by Team Rocket.

Known moves

  • Using Focus Energy

  • Using Headbutt
  • Using Zen Headbutt
  • Using Flamethrower
  • Using Head Smash


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