This Cranidos is a rock-type Pokémon owned by Roark.


DPA002 11

Cranidos taking no damage from Hareta's Piplup.

Cranidos tackled B-2's Zubat so Zubat couldn't attack Hareta. Cranidos later chased the Team Galactic Grunts away by attacking them. Roark later used his Cranidos in his battle against Hareta and his Piplup. Piplup used Bubble Beam and Cranidos dodged the attack. Cranidos used Take Down, sending Piplup flying, and Piplup used Peck which Cranidos dodged. Piplup used Pound mulitple times and Cranidos was able to dodge all the Pound attacks. Piplup was later able to land a Pound attack and Cranidos countered that with a Headbutt, sending Piplup flying into a mountain. To finish the battle off, Cranidos used Assurance, thinking it would defeat Piplup. Cranidos however was later defeated by Piplup's Bide attack when Piplup came out of the mountain. Cranidos received some of the Oran Berry from Piplup.[1]

Known moves

  • Using Take Down
  • Using Headbutt
  • Using Assurance


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