This Lucario is a fighting/steel-type Pokémon owned by Riley.


Due to the strange behavior of the Steel-type Pokémon on Iron Island, Riley decided to investigate it with the help of his Lucario. He found Ash trying to stop an Aggron, and saved him from being attacked by Flash Cannon, whereas Lucario used Close Combat to defeat Aggron. He had his Lucario use its aura to sense the source of frequency, which turned Steel-type Pokémon berserk, while also using the same aura to protect itself from its influence. As group found the source of the frequency being emitted by Team Galactic, Mars placed an artifact in the ruins. A beam was shot to Mt. Coronet, but this only overpowered Lucario to turn on Riley and form Aura Sphere to attack them.[1]

Riley used its own aura, stopping Lucario's Aura Sphere. Riley pointed out that Lucario was tainted, too, by the frequency from Iron Island. Riley went to call Lucario back into its Poké Ball, but Lucario was fast enough to destroy the Ball with a Bone Rush. Ash and Brock held Lucario down, and Pikachu used Thunderbolt - which electrocuted Ash and Brock, too - to snap Lucario out of its state. Lucario went to disable the source, to which it was attacked by Mars' Pokémon. The heroes went to disable Team Galactic's machine, to which Pikachu used Thunderbolt to destroy it. However, Team Galactic released bombs around the island before retreating. Since neither Lucario nor Riley could've counted how many bombs there were on the island, to which they attempted to dismantle some of them. Since that failed, Mars triggered the explosion, but Riley and Lucario used their aura to contain the explosion into a bubble, then release it in mid-air to prevent the island from being destroyed.[2]

Known moves


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