This Haxorus is a dragon-type Pokémon owned by Rhoder.


Haxorus and Iris' Dragonite rampaging through a town.

Haxorus was possessed by Colress' machines and went on a rampage in a city. Rhoder arrived and explained to the group that the Haxorus was his. Prior to the rampage, Rhoder explained that Haxorus was calm and friendly. Due to its destructive state, Haxorus did not listen to a word Rhoder said, launching Hyper Beam and Hidden Power attacks. Iris tried battling Haxorus with her Dragonite, but Dragonite became possessed by Colress' machines in result. With both Pokémon possessed, Haxorus took on Cilan's Crustle while Dragonite battled with Charizard. After one of the machines was destroyed by Aldith's Liepard's Shadow Ball, Haxorus went back to normal and was reunited with its trainer, Rhoder.

Known moves

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