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The Reverse World (反転世界 Reverse World) is the universe in which Giratina resides in after being banished there for its violence by Arceus. This separate dimension plays a pivotal role in Giratina and the Sky Warrior. The physics of the Reverse World are described by expert Newton Graceland, who explains that it is a direct opposite of the real world; gravity fluctuates in intensity and objects appear to be positioned upside-down. The Reverse World is symbiotic with the real world, as what happens in Reverse World has an effect on the real world and vice-versa. A notable example of this theory is the fact that touching the bubbles with images in them in the Reverse World can set off reverberations in the real world. Only Giratina and Shaymin's Seed Flare can open portals from the real world to the Reverse World. However, Shaymin can only generate a portal using Seed Flare when there is notable pollution nearby, and Giratina's portal-generation is limited to sources of reflection e.g. surfaces of water, mirror reflections.


Main article: Distortion World

The basis for the Reverse World came from the Distortion World, which was featured exclusively in Pokémon Platinum. The features of this dimension are markedly similar; the difference being there are no other humans or Pokémon residing here besides Giratina itself. In the games, the Distortion World can be reached from Mt. Coronet and Turnback Cave respectively.


In the Pokémon Adventures series, the Distortion World is the manga counterpart to the Reverse World. That includes that the Reverse World is different from the Real World.

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