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Ren is a character appearing in Pokémon Journeys: The Series. He is a researcher at the Cerise Laboratory.


Ren is an average-sized man with messy yellow hair and fair skin. He wears a white lab coat, a yellow t-shirt with a light blue rectangle at the middle which sports the picture of a Magnemite, red pants and gray shoes with a blue stripe on each of them.


Despite his unkempt appearance, Ren is intelligent as seen in A Test in Paradise! when he explained the Dratini evolutionary line to Ash and Goh, and in Caring for a Mystery!, when he explained the nature of Pokémon Eggs. However, he can be quite timid when he witnesses paranormal activities, even after hearing rumours of the same, from the time when he was Professor Cerise's student along with his friend Endo, and is always picked on as a prank target by Ash's Gengar. He has a great deal of respect for Cerise, helping him in his research along with Chrysa. However, compared to Chrysa, he arrives late at work as seen in Ivysaur's Mysterious Tower and also makes points on Pokemon which have some level of difficulty as seen in There's a New Kid in Town!, when he explained on how much time it would take to evolve a Feebas into a Milotic to Jinny.


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