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Pokémon Regions

Nine known Pokémon regions prior to Gen IX: Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova, Kalos, Alola, Galar and Hisui.

Regions are areas in the Pokémon universe and the main location in various games, anime and manga. Each region has their own Pokémon Professor, who provides a unique set of starter Pokémon for young Trainers. Each region also has a unique set of eight Gym Leaders, along with the regional Elite Four and Pokémon Champions. In some cases, regions can share Elite Four divisions, such as Johto and Kanto.

Currently, in the main series of games and anime, there are ten known regions: Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Hisui, Unova, Kalos, Alola, Galar and Paldea. Additionally, in the Pokémon side games, seven other regions are currently known: Orre, Fiore, Almia, Ransei, Ferrum, Oblivia, Pasio and Lental. In the Pokémon anime series and manga, a group of islands called the Orange Islands have been called a region. The Orange Islands are located south of Kanto, though this region has never been seen in any game. Kitakami is also a distinct region, but only appears as part of the Teal Mask DLC in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

Main series[]


Kanto Let's Go, Pikachu! and Let's Go, Eevee!

The Kanto Region

Kanto was the first region to be introduced in the game series, featured in the Red, Blue and Yellow games along with the Generation III remakes and the Generation VII remakes. It is also accessible in the latter portion of Pokémon Gold, Silver, and Crystal after defeating the Elite Four. It is based off the Kantō region of Japan.

Like most regions, there is a theme regarding the names of towns and cities in Kanto. Most locations in Kanto are named after a color. The regional Pokémon professor is Professor Oak, who resides in Pallet Town.

English Japanese Slogan
Kanto (mainland)
Pallet Town マサラタウン A Pure White Beginning
Viridian City トキワシティ The City of Evergreen
Pewter City ニビシティ Between Rugged Mountains
Cerulean City ハナダシティ The Floral Lagoon City
Vermilion City クチバシティ The Port of Exquisite Sunsets
Lavender Town シオンタウン The Noble Town
Celadon City タマムシシティ City of the Rainbow's Colors
Fuchsia City セキチクシティ Happening and Passing City
Saffron City ヤマブキシティ Shining Big City
Cinnabar Island グレンタウン The Ravaged Town of the Past
Indigo Plateau セキエイこうげん The ultimate Goal of Trainers!

Sevii Islands[]

Sevii Islands

The Sevii Islands

The Sevii Islands are a group of islands located south of the Kanto region. They are based on the Izu islands and the Bonin islands, both of which are archipegalos off of the coast of Tokyo. They are not to be confused with the Orange Islands, another island group near Kanto or the Blue Islands near Hoenn. The Sevii Islands are accessible in Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen after the player defeats Blaine. They serve the purpose of a major side quest involving Bill and is also where the player can catch Pokémon from Pokémon Gold and Silver. There are nine islands in all, and each of them is accessible once the player does something special. The islanders are ferried between the islands by the Seagallop.

English Japanese Slogan
Sevii Islands
One Island 1のしま Friends Gather at Knot Island
Two Island 2のしま Boon Island for Two
Three Island 3のしま Kin Island of Family Bonding
Four Island 4のしま The Warm, Blue, Floe Island
Five Island 5のしま Chrono Island: Where Time Goes
Six Island 6のしま Fortune Island of Aged Wisdom
Seven Island 7のしま Quest Island of Infinity


Johto HGSS

The Johto Region

Johto is the second region introduced in the main game series, being featured in the Gold, Silver and Crystal games along with the Generation IV remakes. It is based off of the Kansai region of Japan. Geographically, Johto is located to the west of the Kanto region.

The theme for locations in the Johto region is either plants or something related to a plant. The regional Pokémon professor is Professor Elm, who resides in New Bark Town.

English Japanese Slogan
New Bark Town ワカバタウン Winds of a New Beginning
Cherrygrove City ヨシノシティ The City of Fragrant Flowers
Violet City キキョウシティ The City of Nostalgic Scents
Azalea Town ヒワダタウン Living Happily with Pokémon
Goldenrod City コガネシティ A Happening Big City
Ecruteak City エンジュシティ A Historical City
Olivine City アサギシ The Port with Sea Breezes
Frontier Access フロンティアフロント none
Cianwood City タンバシティ A Port of Crashing Waves
Safari Zone Gate サファリゾーンゲート none
Mahogany Town チョウジタウン Home of the Ninja
Blackthorn City フスベシティ A Quiet Mountain Retreat


Hoenn ORAS

The Hoenn Region

Hoenn is the featured region in the Generation III games, Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald games along with the Generation VI remakes. It is based on the Kyushu region of Japan, as well as surrounding islands including Okinawa. Geographically, Hoenn is located to the southwest of Kanto and Johto.

The theme for the locations in the Hoenn region is that of two words used together. The regional Pokémon professor is Professor Birch, who resides in Littleroot Town.

English Japanese Slogan
Littleroot Town ミシロタウン A town that can't be shaded any hue.
Oldale Town コトキタウン Where things start off scarce.
Petalburg City トウカシティ Where people mingle with nature.
Rustboro City カナズミシティ The city probing the integration of nature and science.
Dewford Town ムロタウン A tiny island in the blue sea.
Slateport City カイナシティ The port where people and Pokémon cross paths with nature.
Mauville City キンセツシティ The bright and shiny city of fun!
Verdanturf Town シダケタウン The windswept highlands with the sweet fragrance of grass.
Lavaridge Town フエンタウン An excellent place for relaxing!
Fallarbor Town ハジツゲタ A farm community with small gardens.
Fortree City フエンタウン The treetop city that frolics with nature.
Lilycove City ミナモシティ Where the land ends and the sea begins.
Mossdeep City トクサネシティ Our slogan: Cherish Pokémon!
Sootopolis City ルネシティ The mystical city where history slumbers.
Pacifidlog Town キナギタウ Where the morning sun smiles upon the waters.
Ever Grande City サイユウシティ The paradise of flowers, the sea, and Pokémon


Sinnoh BDSP

The Sinnoh Region

Sinnoh is the region featured in the Generation IV games Pokémon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum games along with the Generation VIII remakes. It is based on the Hokkaido region of Japan. Sinnoh is located to the north of the Kanto region.

Unlike other regions, there is no theme underlying the names of locations in Sinnoh. The regional Pokémon professor is Professor Rowan, who resides in Sandgem Town, being the first professor to live in a town that is not the player's starting location. It was known as Hisui during the ancient past where it was just being settled down.

English Japanese Slogan
Sinnoh (mainland)
Twinleaf Town フタバタウン Fresh and Free!
Sandgem Town マサゴタウン Town of Sand!
Jubilife City コトブキシティ City of Joy
Oreburgh City クロガネシティ City of Energy
Floaroma Town ソノオタウン Vivid & Scented
Eterna City ハクタイシティ History Living
Hearthome City ヨスガシティ Warm & Kind
Solaceon Town ズイタウン Free of Worry!
Veilstone City トバリシティ Hewn from Rock
Pastoria City ノモセシティ The Marsh City
Celestic Town カンナギタウン The Past Lives
Canalave City ミオシティ Cargo Port
Snowpoint City キッサキシティ City of Snow
Sunyshore City ナギサシティ Solar Powered!
Pokémon League ポケモンリーグ The Pinnacle of Trainerdom!

Battle Zone[]

Battle Zone

The Battle Zone

The Battle Zone is an island located to the northeast of Sinnoh. Battle Zone is accessible in Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum after the player defeats the Pokémon League. It is based on the southern half of Sakhalin. There are a total of three major settlements and 6 routes. The islanders do not consider themselves a part of Sinnoh.

English Japanese Slogan
Battle Zone
Fight Area ファイトエリア Battles Galore
Survival Area サバイバルエリア Staging Point
Resort Area リゾートエリア Relax & Play!


Hisui Legends Arceus

The Hisui Region

Hisui is the region featured in the Generation VIII game Legends: Arceus. Hisui is the ancient version of Sinnoh from when it is just being settled and discovered.



The Unova Region

Unova is the region featured in the Generation V games Pokémon Black and White and Black and White 2. It is based on New York as well as parts of New Jersey. It is said that Unova is located very far away from the other regions, needing a boat to get there.

The theme for the names of Unova locations is weather, specifically clouds, since a few of the places seem to be named after types of clouds. (Nimbasa = Nimbus, Icirrus = Cirrus, for example) The regional Pokémon professor is Professor Juniper, who is the first female regional professor. She resides in Nuvema Town.

English Japanese Slogan
Nuvema Town カノコタウン The Start of Something Big
Accumula Town カラクサタウン The Fast-Growing Town!
Striaton City サンヨウシティ Three Stand Together as One!
Nacrene City シッポウシティ A Pearl of a Place
Castelia City ヒウンシティ A City of Grandeur
Nimbasa City ライモンシティ Lit by the Flash of Lightning!
Anville Town カナワタウン Rolling Out the Steel Rails
Driftveil City ホドモエシティ A City of Billowing Sails
Mistralton City フキヨセシティ Strewn with Windblown Leaves
Icirrus City セッカシティ Sky Glittering with Flowers of Snow
Opelucid City ソウリュウシティ Time's Dividing Line
Pokémon League ポケモンリーグ The Pokémon League is every Trainer's greatest challenge!
Lacunosa Town カゴメタウン Methodical and Orderly
Undella Town サザナミタウン A Town of Rippling Waves
Black City ブラックシティ Prosperous and Vibrant
White Forest ホワイトフォレスト People and Nature in Harmony
Aspertia City ヒオウギシティ Blackberry Lily City
Virbank City タチワキシティ


The Kalos Region

The Kalos Region

Kalos is the sixth region that appeared in Generation VI's game Pokémon X and Pokémon Y. It is based on France. The regional scientist is Professor Sycamore, who lives in Lumiose City. It has warm seas around it, as West Sea Shellos and Gastrodon inhabit the region

English Japanese Slogan
Vaniville Town アサメタウン A town whose flower is about to bloom.
Aquacorde Town メイスイタウン Water and civilization in harmony.
Santalune City ハクダンシティ A traditional city.
Lumiose City ミアレシティ The City of Light.
Camphrier Town コボクタウン A town where you can taste the ages.
Ambrette Town コウジンタウン Where amber dust dances.
Cyllage City ショウヨウシティ The city of peaceful strolls.
Geosenge Town セキタイタウン Quiet stones speak volumes.
Shalour City シャラシティ A city of awakening.
Coumarine City ヒヨクシティ The city where bay and butte are bound.
Laverre City クノエシティ The city of otherworldly dreams.
Dendemille Town フウジョタウン A town where fluff dances on the wind.
Anistar City ヒャッコクシティ The starry city marking the hours.
Couriway Town レンリタウン A town connecting differences.
Snowbelle City エイセツシティ The city of everlasting winter.
Kiloude City キナンシティ A kind, sweet, and exquisite city.



The Alola Region

Alola is the seventh region that appeared in Generation VII's games Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon and Pokémon Ultra Sun and Pokémon Ultra Moon. It is based on Hawaii. The region has cold seas around it, as East Sea Shellos and Gastrodon inhabit it.

English Japanese Slogan
Iki Town リリィタウン The place where we give thanks to Pokémon.
Hau'oli City ハウオリシティ A city overflowing with gentle joy.
Heahea City カンタイシティ A town that always welcomes visitors.
Paniola Town カンタイシティ The place we built with our Pokémon.
Royal Avenue ロイヤルアベニュ The holy ground for Battle Royal enthusiasts.
Konikoni City カプの村 A town that welcomes the sea breeze.
Malie City マリエシティ Enjoy the enticing Eastern influence.
Tapu Village カプの村
Po Town ポータウン You're in Team Skull Territory Now!
Seafolk Village 海の民の村



The Galar Region

Galar is the eighth region that appeared in Generation VIII's game Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield. It is based on the United Kingdom. The region has cold seas around it, as East Sea Shellos and Gastrodon inhabit it.

There are two sub-areas in the Galar region available through Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield Expansion Pass: the Isle of Armor and the Crown Tundra.

English Japanese Slogan
Postwick ハロンタウン A farming town since days of old, where people and their Pokémon live in close harmony.
Wedgehurst ブラッシータウン Our quiet borough is home to the esteemed Pokémon Research Lab.
Motostoke エンジンシティ An industrial city studded with steam-powered marvels of modern engineering.
Turffield ターフタウン A town nestled within the nurturing bowl of our many terraced farming fields.
Hulbury バウタウン A bustling seaport that many visit to see its lively market stalls and famed restaurant!
Hammerlocke ナックルシティ A city of great history, living and thriving within castle walls that date back to the Middle Ages.
Stow-on-Side ラテラルタウン A vibrant town that has grown up around an ancient mural tucked away in the mountains.
Ballonlea アラベスクタウン A charming town where the people make their homes among the trunks of the towering trees.
Circhester キルクスタウン Buildings from an age long gone still stand about the steaming hot spring that covers the town.
Spikemuth スパイクタウン This rocking town has a punk vibe and streets crammed with shops lined up cheek by jowl.
Wyndon シュートシティ This booming metropolis was designed and developed by our very own Chairman Rose.
(Crown Tundra)
フリーズ村 -



The Paldea Region

Paldea is the ninth region that appeared in Generation IX's game Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet. It is based on the Iberian peninsula, which consists of Spain and Portugal.


Kitakami is a region that appeared in Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet: The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero. It is based on the Tōhoku region of Japan.

Side series[]


Orre, which is based off the Arizona desert, is located on the northwest portion of the Kanto-Johto landmass and is generally a Wild Pokémon free region in Pokémon Colosseum and Pokémon XD. In Pokémon XD a few wild Pokémon can be captured in special locations. In both games, Pokémon called Shadow Pokémon can be "captured" from other Trainers to be purified.

English Japanese
Phenac City フェナスシティ
Pyrite Town パイラタウン
The Under アンダー
Agate Village アゲトビレッジ
Gateon Port アイオポート



The Fiore Region

Fiore is the setting for the first Pokémon Ranger video game. It may be somewhat close to the Sinnoh region, since it was stated in-game that Sinnoh was the closest region to send the Manaphy Egg during the Manaphy event.

Fiore is described as being far away from Hoenn and Kanto.

English Japanese
Fall City フォルシティ
Ring Town リングタウン
Summerland サマランド
Wintown ウィンタウン



The Almia Region

Almia, located east of Fiore, is the setting of Pokémon Ranger: Shadows of Almia.

English Japanese
Chicole Village チコレむら
Vientown ビエンタウン
Pueltown プエルタウン
Shiver Camp ブルブルキャンプ
Haruba Village ハルバむら
Boyleland ボイルランド



The Oblivia Region

Oblivia, located south of Fiore, is a group of islands in which Pokémon Ranger: Guardian Signs takes place. The region has warm seas around it, as West Sea Shellos and Gastrodon inhabit it.

English Japanese
Cocona Village ココナむら
Tilt Village ナナメむら
Aqua Resort アクアリゾート



The Ransei Region

Ransei is said to be similar to feudal Japan. There are 17 Kingdoms in the region, each with a leader that must be defeated to conquer the kingdom and castle.

The Ransei region is shaped the same way as the Alpha Pokemon, Arceus.


English Japanese Type
Aurora ハジメの(くに) Normal
Ignis カエンの(くに) Fire
Greenleaf アオバの(くに) Grass
Fontaine イズミの(くに) Water
Terrera コブシの(くに) Ground
Violight サナギの(くに) Electric
Chrysalia ダイチの(くに) Bug
Pugilis シデンの(くに) Fighting
Illusio ゲンムの(くに) Psychic
Cragspur キガンの(くに) Rock
Viperia ドクガの(くに) Poison
Yaksha ヤシャの(くに) Dark
Avia ツバサの(くに) Flying
Valora フクツの(くに) Steel
Spectra ミタマの(くに) Ghost
Nixtorm フブキの(くに) Ice
Dragnor リュウの(くに) Dragon


The Pokémon World


The Pokémon World

Red and Blue Pokémon World[]

English Japanese
Tiny Woods ちいさな もり
Thunderwave Cave でんじはの どうくつ
Mt. Travail ハガネやま
Sinister Woods あやしい もり
Silent Chasm ちんもくの たに
Mt. Travail ライメイの やま
Great Canyon おおいなる きょうこく
Lapis Cave ぐんじょうの どうくつ
Rock Path いわの よこあな
Mt. Travail ほのおの やま
Snow Path ゆきの よこあな
Frosty Forest じゅひょうの もり
Mt. Travail ひょうせつの れいほう
Uproar Forest さわぎの もり
Magma Cavern マグマの ちてい
Sky Tower てんくうの とう
Stormy Sea あらしの かいいき
Silver Trench ぎんの かいこう
Meteor Cave いんせきの どうくつ
Buried Relic ちてい いせき
Solar Cave たいようの どうくつ
Fiery Field ほのおの だいち
Lightning Field イナズマの だいち
Northwind Field きたかぜの だいち
Mt. Travail はるかなる れいほう
Western Cave にしの どうくつ
Northern Range きたの さんみゃく
Pitfall Valley ならくの たに
Wish Cave ねがいの どうくつ
Joyous Tower しあわせの とう
Purity Forest きよらかな もり
Murky Cave やみの どうくつ
Howling Forest とおぼえの もり
Desert Region さばく ちたい
Southern Cavern みなみの ほらあな
Waterfall Pond たきつぼの いけ
Wyvern Hill ひりゅうの おか
Darknight Relic あんや いせき
Unown Relic アンノーンの いせき
Grand Sea おおきな うみ
Far-off Sea さいはての うみ
Oddity Cave いへんの どうくつ
Remains Island のこされた しま
Marvelous Sea ふしぎの うみ
Fantasy Strait げんそう かいきょう

Time, Darkness & Sky Pokémon World[]

English Japanese
Beach Cave かいがんのどうくつ
Drenched Bluff しめったいわば
Mt. Travail トゲトゲやま
Waterfall Cave たきつぼのどうくつ
Apple Woods リンゴのもり

Craggy Coast

Mt. Travail ツノやま
Foggy Forest のうむのもり
Steam Cave ねっすいのどうくつ
Amp Plains エレキへいげん
Northern Desert きたのさばく
Quicksand Cave りゅうさのどうくつ
Crystal Cave すいしょうのどうくつ
Crystal Crossing だいすいしょうのみち
Chasm Cave くうかんのどうくつ

Dark Hill

Sealed Ruins ふういんのいわば
Dusk Forest くろのもり
Deep Dusk Forest もりのたかだい
Treeshroud Forest キザキのもり
Brine Cave いそのどうくつ
Hidden Land まぼろしのだいち
Temporal Tower じげんのとう
Mystifying Forest しんぴのもり
Blizzard Island ふぶきのしま
Crevice Cave クレバスのどうくつ
Surrounded Sea とざされたうみ
Miracle Sea きせきのうみ
Aegis Cave ばんにんのどうくつ
Mt. Travail しゅぎょうのやま
The Nightmare あくむのなか
Spacial Rift そらのさけめ
Dark Crater やみのかこう
Concealed Ruins かくされたいせき
Marine Resort うみのリゾート
Bottomless Sea そこなしうみ
Shimmer Desert かげろうのさばく
Mt. Travail なだれやま
Giant Volcano きょだいかざん
World Abyss せかいのおおあな
Sky Stairway てんくうのかいだん
Mystery Jungle ミステリージャングル
Serenity River しずかなかわ
Landslide Cave コロコロどうくつ
Lush Prairie みどりのそうげん
Tiny Meadow ちいさなはらっぱ
Labyrinth Cave めいきゅうのどうくつ
Oran Forest オレンのもり
Lake Afar はてのみずうみ
Happy Outlook しあわせみさき
Mt. Travail かぜのれいほう
Shimmer Hill かがやきのおか
Lost Wilderness みかいのこうや
Midnight Forest あんやのもり
Zero Isle North ゼロのしま ほくぶ
Zero Isle East ゼロのしま とうぶ
Zero Isle South ゼロのしま なんぶ
Zero Isle West ゼロのしま せいぶ
Final Maze さいごのま

Blazing, Stormy & Light Pokémon World[]

Blazing Dungeons
English Japanese
Dubious Forest あやしのもり
Cheerful Meadow ウキウキそうげん
Sunset Rockland ゆうやけのいわば
Marsh Valley ぬまのたに
Ruby Lake ルビーのみずうみ
Chocolate Mountain チョコレートやま
Path to Treasure Valley たからだにへのみち
Fire Mountains ほのおのさんがく
Ripple Seas さざなみのうみ
Mystery Plains しんぴのへいげん
Weird Mountain かいきなやま
Secret Archipelago ひみつしょとう
Unown Village アンノーンビレッジ
Legendary Volcanic Island でんせつのかざんとう
Final Mountain さいごのれいほう
Stormy Dungeons
English Japanese
Dubious Hill あやしのおか
Exciting Meadow ワクワクそうげん
Cloudy Rockland くもがくれのいわば
Stream Forest おがわのもり
Jade Lake ヒスイのみずうみ
Chocolate Island チョコレートじま
Path to Treasure Mountain たからやまへのみち
Storm Island あらしのしま
Stormy Seas あらなみのうみ
Mystery Marsh しんぴのしつげん
Weird Rockland かいきないわば
Secret Highland ひみつこうげん
Unown Resort アンノーンリゾート
Legendary Wetland でんせつのしっちたい
Final Island さいごのことう
Light Dungeons
English Japanese
Dubious Valley あやしのたに
Sparkling Plains キラキラそうげん
Shady Rockland こもれびのいわば
Ice Hill こおりのおか
Mica Lake キララのみずうみ
Chocolate Field チョコレートづか
Path to Treasure Island たからじまへのみち
Light Summit ひかりのいただき
Wave Seas かぜなみのうみ
Mystery Meadow しんぴのそうげん
Weird Forest かいきなもり
Secret Rockmountain ひみつがんざん
Unown Garden アンノーンガーデン
Legendary Mountains でんせつのさんがく
Final Cave さいごのどうくつ


Pasio Region

The Pasio Region..

Pasio is a region where Pokémon Masters takes place. Pasio is home to a variety of environments, including glaciers, volcanoes, and its largest town of Centra City. No wild Pokémon reside on this island, only Trainers and their sync partner.


Lental is a region where New Pokémon Snap takes place. It is home to an abundance of different Pokémon in its many varying environments.

Anime exclusive[]

Orange Islands[]

Orange Islands map

The Orange Islands

The Orange Islands, formally the Orange Archipelago, is a group of anime exclusive islands that Ash and his friends traveled through during the Orange Islands arc.