This Bibarel is a normal/water-type Pokémon owned by Paul's brother, Reggie.


Reggie used his Bibarel in a battle against Ash's Turtwig. Ash ordered his Turtwig to use Energy Ball, but Bibarel was able to cancel it with Super Fang. Bibarel then used Secret Power, causing Turtwig to fall asleep, and after Turtwig fell asleep, Bibarel used Take Down on the latter. Turtwig wakes up and evaded Bibarel's Super Fang and used Razor Leaf, successfully hitting Bibarel. Bibarel then used Ice Beam, but Turtwig evaded that as well and used Energy Ball, knocking Bibarel out.

Known moves

  • Using Super Fang
  • Using Secret Power
  • Using Take Down
  • Using Ice Beam
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