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Reggie (Japanese: レイジ Reiji) is a Pokémon Breeder and Paul's older brother. He is a breeder of Veilstone City. He used to be a trainer until his defeat by Pyramid King Brandon.


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Reggie was a tough trainer, but since being defeated by Brandon, he decided to become a Breeder instead. Notably, he is much kinder than his brother, Paul. Despite this, he cheers his brother on and takes care of his Pokémon, though Paul finds Reggie disappointing that he didn't try again to battle Brandon.


Reggie battled in Kanto, Johto, Hoenn and Sinnoh's Gyms, and won, earning every badge from those Gyms. He also battled in the Battle Frontier, and won every symbol but the Brave Symbol.[1] He did lose one battle, to the point Reggie refused to battle anymore:[2] Paul and his Turtwig watched Reggie battle against the Pyramid King Brandon. Unfortunately, Reggie couldn't knock out any of Brandon's Pokémon and he was easily defeated that Paul was shocked at his defeat. Brandon yelled at Reggie and asked him where his true inner strength was, which made Paul wonder about his own strength as a Trainer, and from then on, he became obsessed with power.[3]

Pokémon the Series: Diamond and Pearl

When Paul's Electabuzz attacked Ash's Pikachu and Dawn's Piplup at Veilstone City, Reggie went to settle the drama. Ash, Dawn and Brock met him, to which Reggie introduced himself as Paul's brother. As Maylene became upset and ran off, Ash wanted to challenge the local Gym Leader, to which Reggie pointed at Maylene, who was training with Lucario. Reggie explained that Paul had challenged her in a Gym Battle, and belittled her for her loss. Since Ash was having trouble battling Paul, Reggie offered to battle Ash, who accepted the challenge. As Ash went to prepare, Reggie noticed that Ash had obtained Paul's Chimchar.

The two fought, using Bibarel and Turtwig, Swalot and Staravia, and Staraptor and Pikachu, respectively. Reggie noticed he could help Ash train Staravia to learn a move, which Ash believed to be Brave Bird that Reggie's Staraptor executed. Reggie confirmed this, thinking Staravia would have no trouble, due to knowing Aerial Ace already. He asked Maylene if she'd accept Ash's challenge, to which Dawn stopped them, as she requested to battle Maylene first.[1] Reggie helped Ash in teaching Staravia to use Brave Bird; he had Staraptor use the move on a rock, smashing it. He reminded that was a recoil move, so Staravia would hurt itself a bit. As Staravia failed to execute the move, Reggie felt they could use moving targets to improve its concentration. Ash decided to be the target, so Staravia dived in to attack Ash, nearly hitting him.

Brock told Reggie that was how Ash trained his Pokémon. Reggie noted the training style was quite different than that of his brother's. He also wondered why would Dawn challenge a Gym Leader, to which Brock believed she wanted to have Maylene regain her confidence.[4] Reggie tending to his Pokémon as a breeder was remembered by Ash, Dawn and Brock, as they were going to Snowpoint City.[5] Reggie took the heroes to a hill. On the way, he was told that Ash won his third badge. Reggie showed them a field of meteorites, for which the people of Veilstone City named them as guardians. Later, Paul contacted Reggie to give him an Electabuzz for Pastoria City's Gym Battle. As Reggie did so, he mentioned that Ash had won the battle against Maylene, earning him the third badge. However, Paul did not want to hear that, and in a moment, the communication link was severed.

Reggie then went to the field, finding Team Galactic trying to steal the meteorites, and had Paul's Electabuzz battle alongside the heroes to stop the enemy. Once Team Galactic fled, the heroes were to depart to next town, so Reggie wished Ash luck in obtaining the next badge.[6] Upon encountering Paul, Brock mentioned that they met with his brother, Reggie. Paul became cold, for he didn't respect his brother for giving up battling after losing to a single Trainer.[2] Reggie was tending to his Pokémon when he saw, from afar, the meteorites in Veilstone City emitting a glowing beam.[7]

Reggie later delivered a Pokémon to a Trainer in Snowpoint City, which he had been nursing. He then encountered Paul, as well as Ash and his friends. Since Paul was going to challenge Candice, Reggie asked if he could watch him, but Paul didn't care who watched his battles. As the Battle Pyramid landed near the city, the group visited Brandon, who greeted them, recognizing them from his past battles. Reggie and others watched Paul confront Brandon, in a battle he lost. Before Paul left, Reggie offered him a full battle against Ash. As both Ash and Paul accepted, Reggie stated they could meet at Lake Acuity in ten days.[3] Paul went to Lake Acuity, where he met with Reggie. Paul wondered why would he battle Ash in that moment, to which Reggie explained that his encounter with Brandon might've had some positive influence on him, which could be used to motivate him to battle Ash.

As Ash arrived, Reggie reminded that this full battle was to show each other their strengths and weaknesses, as rivals to understand one another. As Paul had some advantage over Ash, Reggie commented that Paul's strategy had changed, unlike Ash's: Paul's Torterra intentionally got hit so it could bind Ash's Gliscor and attack it. However, Ash managed to have his Staraptor defeat Weavile. Later, as Ash sent Pikachu next, Paul sent Magmortar, to which others recognized as Magmar that had eventually evolved.[8] Reggie continued to watch the battle, knowing that Paul had his Magmortar stay, else Ash'd swap his Pikachu with another Pokémon. After Paul won, he let Reggie know he'd send some of his Pokémon so Reggie could take care of them.[9] Ash later thought about this battle, remembering Reggie was watching it.[10]

Paul contacted Reggie, who wished him luck in battling Ash. Reggie felt that Paul was lucky to have met Ash, who could influence his battle style, but reminded Paul not to underestimate him. Reggie watched the battle on TV with his Pokémon, and noticed that Ash used his team, which he had used in the battle at Lake Acuity.[11] Reggie continued to watch their battle,[12] and upon Paul's defeat, went to his Pokémon to cheer them up. He reminded them all that Paul nevertheless became stronger, and would have a battle upon his return.[13]


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Reggie has won every badge and all but one of the Frontier Symbols - the Brave Symbol.

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  • Reggie is a very good trainer as he owns every badge from every known region before Generation V's introduction.
  • Reggie has the same badges that Ash has except the orange league badges.