Reggie (Japanese: レイジ Reiji) is a Pokémon Breeder and Paul's older brother.


Reggie is a Pokémon Breeder. He participated in all Gym Battles in Kanto, Johto, Hoenn and Sinnoh and defeated all Frontier Brains, except Brandon. He went home and when his brother Paul went to battle at Sinnoh League, Reggie promised him to watch over his Pokémon while he had others.

Eventually, Ash, Dawn and Brock met him and he taught Ash's Staravia to use Brave Bird. Later, he battled Team Galactic to prevent them to take the meteorites. Eventually, Reggie watched all of Paul's battle with Brandon in the Battle Pyramid and his battle with Ash on the shore of Lake Acuity.

Reggie would later watch Ash and Paul's Full Battle in the Lily of the Valley Conference from home on TV and watched Ash beat his brother. Reggie later told the rest of Paul's Pokémon about his lost and that as soon as Paul came back, they'd battle which cheered them up.


On hand


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Bidoof (3x) *

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Budew *

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Starly *

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Stunky *

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Kricketot (2x) *

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Shinx (2x) *

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Kangaskhan *


Reggie has won every badge and all but one of the Frontier Symbols - the Brave Symbol.

Voice Actors

  • Dutch: Sander van der Poel


  • It appears In Lost Leader Strategy! that Reggie is a very good trainer as he owns every badge from every known region before Generation V's introduction.
  • Reggie has the same badges that Ash has except the orange league badges.
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