This Weepinbell is a grass/poison-type Pokémon owned by Ramos.


XY058 15

Weepinbell using Poison Powder on Ash's Frogadier.

After Jumpluff was defeated, Weepinbell was used as the second Pokémon during Ash's gym battle with Ramos. Weepinbell started off by affecting Fletchinder with Poison Powder. Ash's Fletchinder tried to attack Weepinbell, who dodged its attacks and retaliated with Razor Leaf and Slam, defeating Fletchinder. Ash sent Hawlucha, who was also poisoned by Poison Powder. Hawlucha hit Weepinbell with Flying Press. Hawlucha attempted to attack once more, but got hit by Grass Knot and was defeated by Weepinbell's Slam. Ash sent Frogadier, who used Double Team to surround Weepinbell. Weepinbell sensed where the real Frogadier was and used Grass Knot, causing Frogadier to trip over. Weepinbell proceeded to attack with Razor Leaf, but was countered by Water Pulse. Weepinbell tried to poison Frogadier, who surrounded itself with frubbles, negating Poison Powder. Frogadier used Double Team and hit Weepinbell with Aerial Ace, negating its Grass Knot trick and defeating it.[1]

Known moves

  • Using Poison Powder
  • Using Razor Leaf
  • Using Slam
  • Using Grass Knot


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