For other versions of Jumpluff belonging to Ramos, see Ramos' Jumpluff.

This Jumpluff is a grass/flying-type Pokémon owned by Ramos.


XY058 9

Ash's Fletchinder hitting Jumpluff with Flame Charge.

Jumpluff first appeared when it helped calm a winter storm a Vanillish and a Vanilluxe created when they were looking for a Vanillite. Along with Ramos' Sunflora, Jumpluff also used Sunny Day to negate the effects of Hail.[1]

Jumpluff was later used as the first Pokémon for Ash's gym battle when it was battling Ash's Fletchinder. Fletchinder tried to hit it with Flame Charge, but Jumpluff used Sunny Day, causing its Chlorophyll ability to activate, raising its speed. Jumpluff also used Cotton Guard, but was soon defeated by Fletchinder's Flame Charge.[2]

Known moves

  • Using Sunny Day
  • Using Cotton Guard

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