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Island Time (サバイバルでいこう! Let's Go With Survival!) is the 33rd episode of Pokémon: Advanced Battle.


Tricked into another of Team Rocket's schemes, the heroes are stranded on an island. They encounter Robin, a former salesman, who was saved by a Wailmer. Like the heroes, Robin, too, wishes to get off the island, but due to the constant whirlpools, he is barred from doing so. With the inevitable teamwork between the heroes and the villains, Team Rocket plan on another sabotage attempt to take the ship everyone is building and snatch the Pokémon at it.

Episode plot

Ash, Brock and Max wait for May to get on the ship to Ever Grande City, where Ash is going to participate in Hoenn League. While Ash is hyped up for the tournament, Max is worried how much time May is taking with her shopping. Brock simply reminds that time is an unknown word for girls. May excitedly comes, reporting she got airplane tickets to Ever Grande City. A moment later, they take off, being very happy to be the only ones in a luxurious plane. While May thinks this is a sign she'll become a Top Coordinator, the rest is happy they'll reach to the city even earlier than planned. The host tells them they have some problems and are heading to the base of Team Rocket. The host is Jessie and the pilots are Meowth and James. May realizes the trio tricked her into obtaining the tickets. James presses a button that forces the safety mechanism on the heroes, preventing them to do anything.

Pikachu goes to use Thunderbolt, but before he does, he gets encased already in a ball, which is electric-proof. Jessie tells them she spent every coin in this, even selling James' bottle cap collection. While Meowth realizes that they ate berries to save money just for this plan, James is really angry about his sold bottlecap collection. He stands up to yell at Jessie, and loses the control over the plane, which begins to fall down. Meowth and James regain control over the airplane for a moment. James asks how much fuel did she even buy. Jessie points at a single gas tank, which is obviously not enough for the whole flight. As the airplane is falling down, May realizes this is her end, though Ash states they need to have more faith. As the clouds clear, Team Rocket finds a lone island, where they make their rough landing.

Due to this landing, the heroes pull out the safety mechanism, and exit the airplane. In that moment, Max spots a Venonat, but it begins to speak, much to everyone's shock. The figure is a human, named Robin, who is pleased to see them coming to help him. Team Rocket call out to him how selfish he is, since they are stranded as well. In a cave, as Team Rocket eats berries, Robin tells them his story. He was a salesman who was travelling on a boat, visiting many cities. However, a storm sunk the ship, and everyone but Robin was lucky enough to have escaped. Robin, however, was rescued by a Wailmer and dragged to the island, which he named as Wailmer Island. The heroes believe living alone must be hard, but Robin doesn't pay much attention, for he has many berries and Pokémon to keep him company.

The Wailmer comes out of the water, who is the same one who rescued Robin. Team Rocket flex out and dive into the water, to swim to the shore. However, they get dragged into a whirlpool, but are saved by the Wailmer. Robin tells them the island is surrounded by the whirlpools: he once went to go away on a raft with his Wailmer, but was destroyed in seconds. Team Rocket is quite annoyed he didn't mention this eariler, but he points out they did encounter many strong winds while coming here. May and Max realize that ships won't be able to reach this island, and believe they will stay here for their entire lives. Team Rocket becomes depressed, since they are not fit for life in the wild. Ash is frustrated, as he won't participate in the Hoenn League, either. Brock has an idea: to convert the crashed plane to a ship. He suggests they could have their Pokémon used as tools, while Robin suggests the trees as fuel for the ship.

Without further ado, everyone helps to build the ship to get away: the humans and Pokémon modify the airplane, as well as using coconut oil as fuel. As Team Rocket collects vegetables, James feels happy, much to Jessie's annoyance, since they have to work with the twerps. Meowth begins to think - they could just go on the ship without others, for as soon as the ship is constructed, they can steal everyone's Pokémon and sail away. James and Jessie like his idea, as they will get their promotions as soon as they reach the Team Rocket's HQ. At evening, everyone is done with the work on the ship, and they have dinner. May sends Munchlax, as she worried it might've eaten the coconuts for the fuel. Munchlax goes to eat everyone's food, so Max throws the Pokéblock, just in time to make it feel satisfied. He hopes that they don't run out of the Pokéblocks before they get off the island, but Brock and Robin have faith in their plan working. Team Rocket also eats and act cheerful, though May and Max doubt their intentions.

At the morning, everyone wakes up, only to see Robin gone. Robin is with the Wailmer, saying he needs to go home and to leave the island. The heroes meet up with Robin, who tells them he worked hard as a salesman, and the life on the island changed him. He even developed a bond with Wailmer, to which Max suggests that he could take it along with him. Robin thinks for a bit, but refuses, thinking that Wailmer wouldn't feel good in a big, filthy city. Suddenly, Team Rocket steals Pikachu with their grappler and snatch him on the boat. As the heroes realize Team Rocket's dishonesty, Pikachu uses Thunderbolt, but the cage is electric-proof. Team Rocket starts the engine and begin to go away, even if they are warned it is still not ready. They are about to cross whirlpools, but, in that moment, the engine is out of gas. The boat cracks and Team Rocket and Pikachu are flying away. Ash goes on Wailmer and rides it to get Pikachu back, while Team Rocket is blasted into water.

Team Rocket stands up and blame the twerps for the faulty ship. Jessie sends Seviper and James brings Cacnea out. Seviper uses Bite and Cacnea uses Pin Missile, though Wailmer counters the attacks by blasting water away, knocking the two Pokémon down. Jessie and James are angry, so Seviper and Cacnea attack once more. Pikachu electrocutes them with Thunder, blasting them into the water. Meowth thinks they can use Wailmer as a transport, so they climb atop it, despite Robin's warnings, as they are too heavy. Still, Wailmer evolves to Wailord. Team Rocket is shocked, but they figure out they can use it as a transport. However, Wailord uses Water Spout out of its hole, blasting them off. Without further ado, Wailord carries the heroes and Robin through the whirlpools. With Robin's encouragment, Wailord speeds up through the whirlpools, and blasts a wave to continue on.

At the end of the day, the group approaches a ship, from where the captain and his sailor encounter them. The heroes board onto the ship, and thank the captain and the sailor, who are a bit surprised to find them on a Wailord. The group also thanks Wailord for assistance. Robin goes to say goodbye to Wailord to go to the city, but changes his mind - he jumps on the Wailord. The heroes are shocked, but Robin tells them he likes Wailord and the life in city is not suited for him anymore, while the island has everything he needs. The heroes understand this and wave goodbye to Wailord and Robin.





  • Featured Pokémon: Ralts, Torchic, Horsea