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Rhapsody in Drew (熱闘!グランドフェスティバル!!③, Fierce Fighting! Grand Festival! ③) is the 32nd episode of Pokémon: Advanced Battle.


May faces Harley, her dreadful rival, who aims to take revenge on her. However, May has collected a lot of experience from his previous battles, and uses her tactics to counter Harley. As she wins this battle, she ends up facing her other rival, Drew, in the quarterfinals. Much to her surprise, he sends out a Pokémon he trained just for the Grand Festival.

Episode plot

The battle of Harley and May begins. Banette starts with Screech, affecting Bulbasaur and Beautifly. Cacturne uses Bullet Seed, so Beautifly and Bulbasaur try to evade the attack, though it still results in May's points getting a drop. Bulbasaur counters with Vine Whip, and as both of Harley's Pokémon evade, they have their legs tied. Next, Beautifly uses Silver Wind, hitting them. Bulbasaur releases Vine Whip, in a way that results in Banette and Cacturne spinning around. Beautifly uses Silver Wind once more, hurting them. As the judges compliment May and her Pokémon, Harley's points are halved from this combination attack. Harley tells his Cacturne and Banette to come to their senses. Bulbasaur goes to use Vine Whip, but due to Banette's Torment, that attack is prevented from being repeated.

Cacturne uses Pin Missile, but Beautifly takes Bulbasaur in the air to avoid this attack. Banette uses Will-O-Wisp, hitting May's Pokémon. Bulbasaur counter-attacks with Petal Dance, stopping the attack from continuing, but Cacturne uses Pin Missile, damaging the petals instead. Just as Harley decides to finish, but Beautifly and Bulbasaur emerge from the smoke. They use Silver Wind and Razor Leaf, which knocks Cacturne and Banette down. Harley is in distress, and he loses all of his points from this assault. May cheers with her Pokémon, having won this battle. Harley, however, grits his teeth in fury, and leaves once he calls his Pokémon back. He passes by Drew, thinking the latter enjoyed his loss. Drew denies that, stating May was just better today. Harley doubts that, and storms off, wishing to see him and May lose in the next round. Drew smiles, and walks away.

Jessie still wants to be in the Grand Festival, so they decide to pick Robert to impersonate. Meowth sees him coming out of the building, and immediately fires a grappling hook to restrain him. In that moment, Ash goes out and Pikachu uses Thunderbolt to cut the rope to free him. Jessie tells she will impersonate Robert and take his Milotic. Robert refuses to give it to them, so she sends Dustox and James his Cacnea to battle (and the latter glomps James). Ash decides to battle and orders Snorunt to use Ice Beam, but fails. Team Rocket laughs and humiliate Snorunt for this failed attempt, while Ash asks of Snorunt to repeat the attack. Robert tells Ash that Snorunt needs to focus its energy and advises it to store it in itself before launching. With their enemies distracted, Team Rocket plan on capturing Pikachu: Cacnea uses Pin Missile and Dustox with Psybeam. Pikachu is about to get hit, but Snorunt stands in his way and absorbs the attacks.

Suddenly, a light flash comes from the smoke – Snorunt evolves into Glalie. Jessie is fascinated by its beauty, even if Meowth and James think it looks intimidating. Glalie uses Ice Beam, freezing Team Rocket and blasting them off. Ash is happy for the evolution, and the proper usage of Ice Beam. He hugs Glalie, and thanks Robert for the tip. Meanwhile, May and Anthony have a battle – Combusken goes to use Peck, but Pinsir, who emerges of Swalot's mouth, grabs Combusken by its horns, stopping it by its beak. As time is up, May wins, as she has more points than he does. May sighs, relieved that this difficult battle is over. A moment later, she shakes hands with Anthony, who congratulates May on her victory. Anthony decides to spend more time training for the next Festival, though Max and Brock add that he was quite good so far. Caroline spots May's next challenger. She gasps, seeing she has to face Drew.


Hoenn Grand Festival! - Pokémon- Advanced Battle - Official Clip

May vs. Drew!

A moment later, at the stage, May faces Drew, while Max cheers her on. She sends Combusken and Skitty, and Drew his Roselia and Flygon. May remarks that this is a new Pokémon he uses. Drew tells May he trained this Flygon just for the Grand Festival and for the battle they will about to have. Roselia starts with Petal Dance and Flygon charges towards May's Pokémon. Skitty uses Assist, which turns to Fire Spin, burning the petals, though Flygon evades this attack. Combusken uses Sky Uppercut, though Flygon evades. Unable to reach Flygon, Combusken falls down on Skitty. May asks of them to get up, because Flygon is above them. Caroline comments how Drew is not someone who will let them recover: Flygon uses Flamethrower and Roselia Solar Beam. Since they cannot dodge, Combusken uses Fire Spin to negate the attacks, surprising Drew a bit. May regains her point advantage, to which Drew simply smiles, and compliments her.

Combusken repeats its attack, but Flygon cancels it with Sandstorm. Skitty uses Blizzard on Roselia, but misses, as Roselia goes atop of Flygon. May loses some points, and as she ponders how to take down Flygon, there is one minute left before the match ends. Skitty uses Assist, turning into Vine Whip, but misses. May, however, counted on this: Combusken jumps and goes on the vine, going close to Flygon in mid-air. Drew sees what May is up to, and goes to have Roselia use Magical Leaf, but is negated by Skitty's Blizzard. Flygon uses Flamethrower, but May counted on this: Combusken goes amidst the flames, enduring the attack. Using the momentum, Combusken, using Sky Uppercut on Flygon, knocks it down on the ground. May praises her team, and Caroline admires her daughter, admitting she never would've anticipated her to be a strong trainer like this, considering she used to hate Pokémon.

As 30 seconds are left before the battle ends, Combusken uses Quick Attack and Skitty goes to use Tackle. As they run towards Drew's Pokémon, Roselia uses Stun Spore, stopping their attacks. Flygon uses Steel Wing and both Pokémon are knocked down. As time is up, May has no points left, making Drew as the winner, and advances to the semifinals. May is sad, but smiles: she kneels down, telling her Pokémon did their best. Much to her surprise, the people cheer her on, and Ash, Max and Brock state they are proud of her. Harley is annoyed by the fact she lost and people cheer for her, yelling out there's no justice. The last battle is Robert vs. Drew. Drew has lost a lot of points, and 30 seconds are left. Milotic uses Twister, from which Claydol comes out. Claydol uses Hyper Beam on Masquerain and Flygon, hurting them badly, followed with Milotic's Iron Tail.

As time is up, Drew has no points left, and loses to Robert. Robert is declared the winner of the Grand Festival in Hoenn, and the Top Coordinator. Drew is speechless, but praises such strength, while the heroes feel bad for the latter. Sometime later, at the podium, Robert receives the Ribbon Cup. May is sad to see Drew lost to Robert, but Drew claims there's always someone better than them. The announcer tells there is a ceremony in the night for the participants. At evening, May sits down, having eaten too much. She turns around and sees Drew training his Masquerain and Roselia. She visits him, asking why he is not at the party. Drew tells her Robert is not at the party, either, as he is training as well, even if he just won the tournament. Drew reminds they have to keep practicing, else someone will be better than them.

Drew admits he has already thought of which attacks to use next year. He advises May that he hopes to see her next year in the Festival, as she is better than before. He walks away, leaving May stunned. Ash offers May dessert, who is startled by his sudden approach, and refuses the ice cream. Caroline grins, telling Drew and May were on a romantic beach, which annoys May a bit. Still, she admits that Drew got her thinking: she will not give up before becoming a Top Coordinator. Ash and Max applaud such enthusiasm, while Brock reminds that requires more practice. May is not demotivated, for she will keep trying. Caroline tells her daughter that she needs to focus on supporting Ash first, as he still has the Hoenn League. May asks him will he do his best to compete. Ash promises that, for he aims to become the Hoenn League Champion.




"Snorunt! Ice Beam!" - Ash
"Snooooooo!" - Snorunt
"(laughing)" - Jessie, James, Meowth, and their Pokémon
"Come on, you call that an Ice Beam?" - Jessie
"It's more like a Nice Beam." - James
"Now dat was cold." - Meowth
"Wobbuffet!" - Wobbuffet
"It's...beautiful." - Jessie
"You think so? Well, that explains your hairstyle." - James
"Uh, dose Glalie always have a mean and angry look." - Meowth
"Thanks to you two, all my dreams of being top coordinator are shattered!" - Jessie
"You also said you wanted to be cool, so here you go." - James
"And you wanna see shattered, wait till we land." - Meowth
"What? What's this all about? They're cheering and she wasn't even the winner?! AUGH! THERE'S NO JUSTICE!!" - Harley after May's battle with Drew


  • Featured Pokémon: Geodude, Golem, Dugtrio, Regirock
  • The name of the episode is also a pun off a 1920s song called Rhapsody in Blue.
  • This episode plays background music from Mewtwo Strikes Back.


  • May ordered Combusken to use Jump, a move that does not exist.