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Hi Ho Silver Wind! (開幕!グランドフェスティバル!!①, Begin! Grand Festival! ①) is the 30th episode of Pokémon: Advanced Battle.


The heroes arrive in Slateport City, where they meet up with May's mother, Caroline, as well as her rivals, Drew and Harley. Harley, despite his past incidents, tries to bond with May, suggesting she should have Beautifly only use Silver Wind. May, unaware of Harley's true motives, starts to take liking to this idea. Suddenly, the group hears that Norman is in town, too, and go to check that out.

Episode plot

The heroes admire the view of Slateport City's Contest Hall. Ash, Brock and Max congratulate May for qualifying herself up to this point, and she thanks them. Inside, the receptionist reviews her data on her Pokémon team, through her membership card. On the request, May shows her ribbons, opening the box containing them. The receptionist scans the ribbons, and verifies that everything is fine. In addition, she gives May a guide book, showing maps of Slateport City. A moment later, the heroes arrive to a luxurious apartment. Suddenly, a person closes May's eyes to surprise her. Max and May are delighted to see her mother having arrived; Max admits he has missed her. Caroline confirms she came to see May compete. She thanks Ash and Brock for watching over her children. May asks about her father, to which Caroline replies that Norman had to stay at home due to Gym duties. However, she is certain he will watch the Grand Festival on TV.

While Ash and Max admire the scenic view from the window, May spots some letters from Kelly from Lilycove City. May reads that she wishes luck to May in the Grand Festival, and confirms to her mother that they did made a lot of friends since she started her journey. They see more letters from Savannah, Timmy, Dr. Abby and Janet. May tightens her grip, and admits her nervousness to think about the look upon thousands of people. Thinking of her friends and her Pokémon, she concludes she has nothing to be afraid of. Caroline asks Brock if he knows at what time the matches are being divided. Brock reads there are the Classic Forematch, which is divided into Preliminaries and Competition matches. He also reads that 247 people will compete, while 64 will advance into next round, shocking Ash and Max. Per Brock's advice, May decides to do a little training before the matches.

Meanwhile, a crowd has gathered around Norman. A boy asks if he really is the Gym Leader Norman. The manager (Jessie) turns around, and confirms this, and she and Norman (James in disguise) chant their motto. The kid explains Norman doesn't exactly look like he does on the photos, but Norman assures him that is because he needs photographers. Still, the kid comes to ask for an autograph, though Jessie shows a picture where Norman gives advice on Pokémon - he will have to attend this session for getting the autograph. The kid asks if the manager is his mother, to which she takes offense. Norman calms her down and tells him to go on this session, so the other children agree to come as well. Meowth, who passed on the flyers, assumes that these trainers came to compete in the Grand Festival, making each and every Pokémon worth stealing.

As the Coordinators train their Pokémon, May sends her team out. Caroline is impressed, especially about Beautifly, and remarks it looks quite elegant. Ash, feeling motivated, sends his Snorunt to train its Ice Beam. However, Snorunt uses the attack and, by mistake, freezes Ash. Munchlax, who is behind May, sees a Coordinator giving his Zigzagoon a Pokéblock. As that Coordinator tosses another PokéBlock, Munchlax jumps in to snatch it and eat it. May apologizes to the Coordinator and hols Munchlax, as Max gives it the pink surprise, making it feel full and satisfied. Caroline sees how true the stories about Munchlax's appetite are. As she tends to Munchlax, May notices Drew and his Roselia have appeared. As she goes to meet up with him, Brock and Ash confirm to Caroline that Drew is May's rival.

Drew admits he had doubts towards her making it to the Grand Festival. May exclaims he should confess that she is as good as trainer as he is. Drew does not think so, which makes May riled up. Still, he gives her a rose for her enthusiasm, though clarifies that enthusiasm alone will not earn her a victory. May simply grabs the rose, claiming he will not say that once she has the Ribbon Cup in her possession. Harley arrives as well, to which Max reminds his mother that he cheated once at a Contest, just to see May lose. Despite this, Harley behaves quite polite towards May, saying that he is thrilled to see her at the Festival and hopes that she can forgive him. May states everything is fine, to which he grabs her arms, making him a lot happier. Nevertheless, May calls him a weirdo, while Ash decides to keep an eye on him.

Harley sees the rose Drew gave to her. May introduces him to Drew. Harley is quite enthusiastic about meeting him Harley thinks they are friends, but May says Drew makes fun of her most of the time. Harley disagrees, otherwise he wouldn't have given the rose and concludes "there's some magic going on" between the two. May blushes, so Harley takes a photo of her and Drew. Harley goes away, giggling, while Drew becomes disinterested and walks away. May is unsure whether to believe in Harley's words, while Max suspects he might be more than he looks. A moment later, Harley stops, still still about getting revenge on May. Meanwhile, James, as Norman, praises the trainer with an Espeon. Harley is happy to see Norman, who promises to take care of Espeon to let it grow stronger. Norman promises to train it well, and as his manager takes Espeon into the tent, more children are interested in the offer.

Inside, Jessie places the Espeon in a cage. Meowth offers to go before the trainers catch up to their activities. Jessie refuses, as there are more Pokémon left to steal, and every one of them is quite powerful. May has her Beautifly train by circling around, letting sparkles come off it. As Caroline admires these sparkles, Brock remarks that the special meal he gave must be working, and Ash notices Beautifly's wings even being more sparkly. Beautifly uses Silver Wind, to which Harley arrives, expressing his admiration. Drew, at a distance, looks to Harley. Ash believes Harley is being genuine about his admiration, but Max has his doubts. Harley believes May should stick with only using Silver Wind. May thinks he'll have an unfair advantage to know her strategy, but Harley claims since the incident, he doesn't wish anything ill. In fact, he states he wishes to see her win, even if he could lose.

May tells him that he worked hard to get here and must strive for victory. May admits she has thought of him as a troublemaker, but now has changed his mind. Thus, she inspires of him to make this Grand Festival as a memory to remember, lifting his spirits, and to face him as an equal. May decides that she'll use only Beautifly's Silver Wind, though Drew advises that's not a good idea, as relying on one attack lacks depth, when thinking about strategies. Harley tries to shush Drew, stating he is just jealous, and May her that she needs to go to Norman, who knows more. Everyone is baffled, as Norman should be at home. As May takes the flyer, Ash adds that Norman is May's father, which shocks Harley. The group comes in front of the tent with "Norman" and his manager, who takes Illumise in the tent. Caroline claims this is not Norman, as he'd never speak to trainers like that.

Ash demands to know who are these posers, to which Norman asks him not to make wild accusations. May claims this is not her father: Beautifly uses Silver Wind, gusting the disguises and the tent, showing Team Rocket and the Pokémon they took. Meowth presses a button, letting Team Rocket fly off on a platform with the Pokémon. However, Pikachu attacks them with Thunderbolt, so the platform explodes. Beautifly uses Silver Wind to prevent the Pokémon inside the cages from falling. As Team Rocket is blasted off, the Coordinators thank Ash and May for assistance. Harley appears out of nowhere, applauding May. With his words, May is certain she will win only using Silver Wind attack, while Drew watches them. Later, the Grand Festival begins, with Lillian announcing the contestants.

A moment later, Drew's Roselia uses Petal Dance, dazzling the audience: Drew gets 95 points. Harley's Cacturne uses Bullet Seed and because of its speed, it gets 84 points. Max, Brock and Ash remark how fast Cacturne is, and see Harley is not just bragging about his skills. Harley comes to May, who is reminded of the Silver Wind strategy she needs to execute. May comes to the stage and sends Beautifly, whose sparkles come out. Beautifly uses Silver Wind: the attack is sent to the sun, and reduced to tiny sparkles. Harley thinks she will have a low score, but is surprised to see her 88 points. Drew comes in the room, to which Harley waves at him, but Drew does not trust him a bit. A moment later, the heroes congratulate her. Harley sneaks up on her to congratulate her, to which she thanks him for the advice.

At the screen, the announcer tells the scores: Drew is in 3rd place, with May in 48th and Harley following her behind. As Caroline congratulates May, she takes Harley's advice on keeping using Silver Wind.


"Well, so much for my perfect plan." - Jessie
"My costume is what was perfect!" - James
"The only thing we do poifect is blast off." - Meowth
"Aaaand...we're blasting off again...perfectly." - Jessie, James, and Meowth


  • Featured Pokémon: Slakoth, Vigoroth, Slaking
  • This is the first episode of the Japanese dub of the Pokémon anime where they removed the words "40th Anniversary" from the opening credits and the ending credits.


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