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Shaking Island Battle! Barboach VS Whiscash!! (ゆれる(しま)(たたか)い!ドジョッチVS(たい)ナマズン!! ) is the skipped 9th episode of Pokémon: Advanced Battle.


Now that Ash has got the gym badge of Mossdeep City, he and his friends are now resuming their adventure towards the next gym at Sootopolis City. On their way, they visit Jojo Island. There, they meet a group of the Whiskers Pokémon, Whiscash that are being selfish and causing earthquakes that are troubling the people who reside on the island. They also stumble upon Chota, a Pokémon Trainer who owns a Barboach, and decide to try and defeat the Whiscash there.




  • This episode was supposed to make its first airing on November 4, 2004, but was skipped due to a real-world earthquake that happened nearly a week before the air date of "Solid as a Solrock."
  • Although the preview shown at the end of "Solid as a Solrock" was changed to show the preview of "Vanity Affair" prior to airing, Pokémon on Flets, an NTT broadband service, showed the next episode preview for this episode prior to it being pulled and it is the only footage from the episode to ever be publicly available.
  • The moves Earthquake, Fissure and Magnitude have not been shown in the anime in future episodes due to the earthquake theme resulting in this episode being pulled.
  • Based on the trends of past episodes of the series where the episode following the gym match would feature Ash learning the location of the next gym, and Ash's first line of the narration in the preview for "Vanity Affair," referring to him meeting Drake as "before the last gym match" (「最後のジム戦の前に」), this is the episode in which Ash would learn about the location of the final gym in Sootopolis City. As the episode was never aired, this event was never shown on-screen.