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The Relicanth Really Can (ジーランスと深海の秘宝!, Relicanth and the Deep Sea Treasure!) is the 2nd episode of Pokémon: Advanced Battle.


The heroes encounter a man named Adam who's searching for treasure. They decide to accompany him to find an old ship, which is told to have lots of treasure on it. Just as they take the submarine down, they also encounter Team Rocket, who is also determined to take the treasure, which is connected to the Relicanth Adam saw earlier.

Episode plot

The heroes arrive at Wazoo Island, where they admire the nature. The island is known for its beautiful beaches (and to Brock, beautiful girls as well). Suddenly, a man (covered in seaweed) arrives, which frightens the heroes, thinking it is a Pokémon. The man, Adam, removes the seaweed and is glad he finally got the treasure, which is gems and emeralds. The heroes are happy, while Brock notes the gems are old, too. Adam goes to show the heroes his shop, introducing to them his wife, Evelyn. Evelyn examines that they are Green Shardss, actually, worth more than the items Adam has found before. Evelyn recalls the Shardsss were used to make jewelry a long time ago. Adam wonders if they are worth and Evelyn confirms it, but they don't have enough to become rich. Adam is sad, but the heroes comfort him, as May thinks the Shardssss are pretty either way.

Adam thinks the Shardss are from a ship named King Neptune: once the ship was lost to a storm, its crew went away from the sinking ship on lifeboats, while the ship sank to the bottom of the ocean. A tale goes that Neptune has the treasure beyond everyone's thoughts. Adam remembers that on his last dive that day, he saw a Relicanth carrying the necklace on its fin. The Relicanth dropped the necklace and swam away, leaving Adam to pick it up. Max recalls Relicanth is an ancient Pokémon, while Brock suspects the Relicanth and the Shardsss might have a connection, which excites May for an adventure. Adam and Evelyn plan to get to that ship and accept the heroes' help in the search. Team Rocket overhears their plan, so James plans on buying contraptions and Jessie to go on exotic places and live in luxury. Meowth reminds them they are to be given to the boss, who would like having his bedroom decorated in gold and jewelry. Thus, Team Rocket also plan to get the treasure.

Somewhere at sea, Evelyn releases Adam and the heroes in a small submarine to search the ship. The deeper the group goes, the darker the sea is, so Adam switches the lights on, revealing some Water Pokémon. Max spots some Chinchou, while Ash sees they aren't even at the bottom yet. Suddenly, Adam sees something on the sonar, so they go to the spot. Adam sees it is a Relicanth. Out of sudden, the submarine is attacked by Team Rocket's Magikarp submarine. Jessie complains they could've bought a motor for the submarine, so James sends Chimecho to improve their morale. Meowth releases some missiles, damaging the group's submarine. Adam gives report to his wife via the intercom that they got attacked, but are now fine and are advancing further on. Team Rocket follows the Relicanth, but suddenly, they see it leaks. Nevertheless, Jessie wants to continue. However, the leaks grow larger and the submarine gets swept away by the underwater current.

The heroes spot an underwater cave and see a Relicanth entering the current, so they follow it. Evelyn loses contact and it makes her mad that Adam never listens. The submarine goes into the darkness. Later on, Adam wakes the others up. They spot the giant ship, seeming to be the King Neptune from Adam's tale. While Adam goes to explore the ship, the heroes note the cave has unusually fresh air and even the moss on the rocks is glowing. They spot a giant opening, so it must be where they have come from. Many Relicanth appear from the ship, seeing that this is their habitat they happily live in. Suddenly, Adam comes with a chest. He goes to open it, but Team Rocket arrive in their submarine and snatch the chest away. Adam goes to take the chest, but Meowth releases the missiles, which damage the ship. As they are to go back to the submarine, Relicanth appear around them and are quite angry. Team Rocket taunts them and Jessie releases missiles to hurt the Relicanth; Ash sends Corphish, using Bubble Beam to destroy the missiles in time.

Team Rocket goes away through the tunnel and release the missiles, blocking the tunnel's entrance. The Relicanth go to another path, so the heroes enter the submarine and follow them. They find another exit, but they have to take the current. Adam is confident in his skills and takes the current. Evelyn tries to make contact, so Adam finally responds, as the group goes to Evelyn's boat. The heroes thank Relicanth, for, without them, they'd still be stuck in the underwater cave. Adam tells Evelyn they lost the treasure chest, but Evelyn tells him she tracked Team Rocket down, who are on a beach with the chest and are preparing to unlock it. The heroes appear on Adam and Evelyn's boat, demanding back the treasure and amazing Team Rocket as to how they escaped the cave.

May sends Bulbasaur, who uses Vine Whip to get the chest, but Team Rocket grabs it. Jessie sends Seviper, who uses Poison Tail on Bulbasaur. Brock sends Mudkip, who uses Water Gun, along with Relicanth, who use Hydro Pump on Team Rocket. Bulbasaur takes the chest with Vine Whip and Pikachu attacks Team Rocket with Thunder, blasting them off. Adam opens the chest and they see more green Shardss. Brock thinks in the past, green Shardsss were more worth than emeralds. Evelyn cheers him up, as they can use it for jewelry. May thinks they are beautiful and is glad to hear Evelyn will give her one. Adam gains confidence, as there are many things he did not encounter yet. He wishes good luck for Relicanth to find a new home. The heroes, however, think Adam will also find a lost treasure soon as well.





"You know what they say. "Music soothes the savage beast!" Right?" - James
"Chime, Chime, Chime!" - Chimecho
"Yeah, well I'm still feelin' savage. So I'm firin' off da missile! Ah!" - Meowth
"We've been goin' like dis forever. How deep are we?" - Meowth
"I'd check the gauge, but we don't have one!" - James
"I want that treasure even if it means following this Relicanth all the way down to China!" - Jessie
"Huh?" - Jessie, James, and Meowth
"Chime?" - Chimecho
"Is creaking and leaking a good thing?" - James
"Sure, if ya don't mind bein' flattened inside a submarine." - Meowth
"Well, we aren't going back now. We're here, and we'll keep going 'cause it's the Team Rocket way." - Jessie
"CHIIIIIIIME!" - Chimecho
"Aaaaah!" - Jessie, James, and Meowth
"Perhaps the Team Rocket way has taken a wrong turn!!" - James
"Get your vines of my treasure!" - Jessie
"Dis treasure chest belongs ta' us!" - Meowth
"You can't just take things from people! What are you, CROOKS?!" - James
"That is not yours!" - Max
"Don't you dare call us crooks!" - May
"Fame and fortune was just right within our grasp!" - Jessie
"From now on, let's leave buried treasure buried!" - James
" 'Cause now, we're da ones who are sunk!" - Meowth


Featured Pokémon: Remoraid, Octillery, Carvanha, Mantine