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A Tail with a Twist (ハブネークVSキモリ!必殺のはたく攻撃!! Seviper VS Treecko! The Strike Offensive of Certain Kills!!) is the 8th episode of Pokémon: Advanced.


Ash's newly caught Treecko may be a bit standoff-ish, but the little green Pokémon is quite the fighter. When Team Rocket sees Treecko knocked down and hurt by a Seviper, they decide that they must have that Seviper. Jessie is very impressed with its "sneaky, snaky ways". Meanwhile, Treecko escapes from the Pokémon Center where Ash brought it to recover. When the gang finds Treecko, it is practicing its attack moves. Again and again, Treecko jumps from the top of a waterfall and tries to break a rock at the bottom with its tail. Ash is very impressed with the rigor of its training. All of Treecko's hard work appears to have paid off—when Team Rocket attacks and catches Pikachu with the help of their new Seviper, Treecko is able to save the day.

Episode plot

Ash, May and Max are amazed by Brock's cooking during a lunch break. May, Ash and Brock call out their Pokémon as well to eat - Treecko, Taillow, Torchic and Forretress appear, though all stare at the Treecko. Ash introduces them to Treecko, who climbs on the nearest tree. Ash asks Treecko to come down for lunch, but it takes a branch and spends some time alone. Brock comments Treecko must be feeling good up on the tree, where the species usually lives. As the heroes eat the food, Torchic runs with food. Max thinks Torchic is as energetic as its trainer, startling May. Ash still tries to invite his Treecko for lunch, who enjoys being alone. Treecko spots moving in the bushes, a Pokémon, who notices Torchic, The Pokémon places its tail about, causing Torchic to trip over. Torchic loses its apple and searches for it. It finds it, but the Pokémon scares Torchic and eats the apple.

Torchic is angry, but as the Pokémon prepares to attack, Treecko throws a branch between them. Treecko strikes the Pokémon and goes to attack it, but the Pokémon attacks Torchic, instead. Hearing Torchic's outcry, the heroes arrive, seeing the Pokémon - Seviper - is threatening Torchic. Ash and Brock order their Pokémon to attack Seviper, who uses Haze to dampen their sight. Treecko spots a nearby tree and climbs it. Treecko dives down and attacks the Seviper, who releases Torchic. Treecko manages to rescue Torchic, earning Ash's respect. Seviper, who is angry, uses Poison Tail on Treecko, hitting it. However, Taillow and Forretress help Treecko by attacking Seviper, using Wing Attack and Spikes. Pikachu electrocutes Seviper with Thunderbolt, who leaves.

After the battle, Treecko is severely injured and poisoned, so the heroes leave to the nearest Pokémon Center. Team Rocket watches them and they agree to capture Seviper, who looked quite tough and powerful - ideal to a member of Team Rocket. While the heroes rush to the Pokémon Center, Seviper manages to intimidate a bunch of Zigzagoon and eats their apples. Team Rocket noticed how much Seviper eats, so they set up a trap; when Seviper goes to eat the fruit from the basket, it would fall into a hole. However, the Seviper notices something is wrong, so it takes the basket with its tail. Team Rocket is furious, but fall into their own hole. As Seviper passes, James and Meowth capture it using the net. Team Rocket tries to pull Seviper away, but Seviper bites the net, setting itself free. This still impresses Jessie, who is more tempted to catch it. Meanwhile, Ash watches Joy taking care of Treecko and promises it will be fine.

Jessie, James and Meowth have lunch and comment how intelligent and powerful Seviper is. When Team Rocket reaches for the last rice ball, they fight for it, but it falls into a nearby river. Jessie, however, shows she took one before they all did, but the Seviper eats it before she does. Jessie is mad, but being reminded this is her chance to capture Seviper, she sends her Wobbuffet, ordering it to battle Seviper. However, James reminds Jessie Wobbuffet can only counterattack, so Jessie calls it back. Jessie throws Meowth to attack to use Double Edge, but Meowth does not know that move, so he is knocked away by Seviper's tail, onto Team Rocket. In this moment, Jessie loses her last rice ball, which was hidden to James and Meowth's surprise, and runs off to take it back. Before the Seviper eats it, Jessie accidentally puts her hair to Seviper's mouth, causing Seviper to bit it off. Jessie outrages, making James, Meowth and Seviper scared.Jessie then attacks the Seviper, scratching, kicking and battling with it until it is defeated. Meowth and James comment Jessie used Scary Face, Mega Kick and Fury Swipes on Seviper. Before she makes the finishing move, Jessie hears that she should capture it, so she throws the Poké Ball at Seviper, managing to catch it.

At the Pokémon Center, Nurse Joy states that Treecko is going to be fine. May wonders if this Nurse Joy is younger sister of the one in Oldale Town. Joy denies it and Brock describes Nurse Joy's relations, confusing May and Max with Nurse Joy's family tree. Chansey appears, telling Treecko escaped from the Pokémon Center. Max notices Treecko's discarded bandages, so the heroes know Treecko cannot have gone too far. Treecko looks down, from a waterfall and jumps on to a rock, below. Treecko bounces on the rock on his tail and falls into the water. The heroes find it and Brock explains that Treecko is training because it lost the battle with Seviper. After being bruised a bit from unsuccessful leaps, Treecko jumps down and begins to spin around itself while falling in the air and manages to crush the rock.

Ash and Pikachu rush off to congratulate Treecko, but Pikachu is being taken by Team Rocket. They trap Pikachu in an electric-proof cage. Ash sends his Taillow, while James sends his Cacnea out (who hugs James). Cacnea uses Pin Missile, but Taillow evades. Jessie announces to bring their newest Pokémon and sends Seviper out to fight, surprising the heroes it is the same one they encountered earlier. Before Treecko enters the battle, Ash reminds Treecko he and his friends are with him, together in the fight. Treecko faces Seviper, who uses Poison Tail, but Treecko uses Quick Attack to dodge. Treecko attacks Seviper, making Jessie annoyed, who orders Seviper to use its power. Treecko evades Seviper's Poison Tail, then starts spinning and pounds Seviper. Seviper is knocked away onto Team Rocket, who drops Pikachu's cage. With Pikachu freed, Meowth translates Treecko is leaving Pikachu to finish the battle. Respecting Treecko's wish, using Thunder, Pikachu blasts Team Rocket off.

After the battle, Treecko is pleased by the experience. Ash and Pikachu shake his tail, as a token of friendship.




Poison Tail


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"That fruit basket wasn't meant as a gift!" - Jessie
"It was expensive! Fruit doesn't grow on trees, you know!" - James
" What's da big idea of gettin' away and makin' me look bad when you're supposed to be standin' here on dis trap door?!" - Meowth
"What trap door exactly?" - Jessie
"The one we're standing on right now." -James
"Yep, good thing it didn't woik so well." - Meowth
"My spleen. I give up." - Meowth
"How about we catch something easier, like a taxi?" - James
"Catch this one, you cupcakes. Now that I've seen how tough that Seviper is, I wanna grab it even more." - Jessie
"AHHHHHHH! Not my hair! My flowing hair is my trademark! Now I'm really mad! You've made a very big mistake, Seviper!!!" - Jessie
(Seviper is scared.)
"Poor Seviper!" - James
"It knows not what it's done!" - Meowth
(Jessie goes on the warpath and claws Seviper.)
"She used Fury Swipes attack!" - Meowth
"Emphasis on Fury!" - James
(Jessie kicks Seviper down.)
"Her unstoppable Megaton Kick!" - James
"And highly effective!" - Meowth
(Seviper Faints. Jessie gabs it by the neck.)
"You rice ball stealing, long-hair chomping-" - Jessie
"Wait, wait, wait!" - James
"Easy on the merchandise! Catch it!" - Meowth
"Catch it? Oh, yes, of course, catch it, that's just what I was just about to do." - Jessie
"Oh, boy." - James
"That was a close call." - Meowth
"Treecko. Treecko, Treecko Treecko. Treecko." - Treecko
"It said now dat it got its revenge, Pikachu can take care o' da rest. What are we, chopped liver?" - Meowth
"You're right! That's insulting!" - James
"Where's that big bad Seviper-attitude you had before?!" - Jessie to Seviper
"Maybe this'll help you guys look for it. Pikachu, Thunder attack!" - Ash
"Pikaaaaaaaaaa...chuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!" - Pikachu


  • "Who's that Pokémon?": Gligar.
  • For the second time, Jessie's long hair is cut off by a wild Pokémon which is now styled into medium length after biting her hair off by a wild Seviper before capturing it. The first being Tracey Gets Bugged!.
  • Like in Tracey Get Bugged!, Jessie shows her violent and unforgiving streak towards wild Pokémon whenever they cut her long hair. In this episode, she physically beats a wild Seviper by clawing and kicking the Pokémon until it fainted after it bites her long hair into a medium length and finally Meowth tells her to catch it.


  • Before Jessie physically beats a wild Seviper after biting her long hair into a medium length, Jessie's hair is depicted as shoulder length which it was seen in Tracey Gets Bugged!.
  • When Jessie makes her pose after catching Seviper, her hair is not cut off.
  • Seviper gets hit by Forretress' Spikes, despite the fact that Spikes is a status move.