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Long Live The Nidoqueen?! (VSニドクイン VS Nidoqueen) is the 10th chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 3.


Giovanni continues the battle, making more pressure on Red. Red uses his Pika to attack Giovanni, who has Nidoqueen prepared for attack. However, he does not know of Red's secret for victory.

Chapter plot

Red managed to send Aerodactyl, since he had a Poké Ball under his foot. Aero's Hyper Beam defeats Beedrill. After the attack, Giovanni disappeared. The Gym begins to shake, so Red saves Poli and carried him out before the Gym collapses. Outside, Red sees a Nidoking and suspects he is the reason behind the earthquake. Giovanni is impressed, as now he needs to use his best fighters against Red. Red tries to escape, but Rhyhorn pushes Aero away with Tail Whip, while Rhydon uses Fissure, as Giovanni wants to trap Red.

Giovanni explains to Red he fought against "Electric" Lt. Surge, "Poisonous" Koga and "Psychic" Sabrina, now faces Giovanni, the master of "Ground" Pokémon. Red knows the legend that Giovanni is said to be the most powerful Gym Leader. Red sees two of his Poké Balls and goes to get them, but Dugtio emerges and disables their opening mechanism. Giovanni tells Red he fought hard, but all the battles and journey through Kanto were parts of a bigger plan. It is from Celadon City the Pokémon were transfered to Saffron City for training, then through Cinnabar Island and Vermilion City to Viridian Forest, where they are now scaring off trainers.

Giovanni knows nobody would come to the Gym for that reason, so now he is focusing on building an army. Red sees he needs to stop him and sees Pika. Red charges, telling he must stop Team Rocket. Giovanni sees Red has not changed, but knows the time Pika would hit him, he would already have Nidoqueen use Poison Sting. Red sends Pika, who uses Thunderbolt, defeating Nidoqueen. Red tells Pika was charinging himself in his Poké Ball. Giovanni is knocked out and confused, as nobody can charge a Pokémon inside their Ball.

Giovanni cannot believe that he fell by his own weapons. Red corrects him, as Giovanni fell from the pain Giovanni wanted to corrupt his own Pokémon. Suddenly, Red is not feeling good and falls down. Red wakes up and finds himself at the girl's house, who tells he fainted at the edge of the forest. The girl reports the citizens are trying to calm the Pokémon down. The girl knows the Viridian Gym got destroyed and since nobody has much experience of being a Pokémon trainer, asks Red to be the new Gym Leader. Red promises he will return back once he learned enough to become a true Gym Leader.






Nidoqueen was hit by Thunderbolt, despite she being a Ground-type Pokémon.