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And Mewtwo... Three! (VSミュウツー(後編) VS Mewtwo (Part 2)) is the 8th chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 3.


Blaine's attack on Mewtwo proved to be a disastrous one, as Blaine injured himself. However, he presents Red with a Master Ball, which should enable Mewtwo to be calmed down. However, Mewtwo conjures a twister, preventing Red's strategy.

Chapter plot

Blaine charges against Mewtwo, hoping that his body will craft a blast to defeat Mewtwo. With a flash, the twister and Mewtwo are gone. Red notices Blaine, injured. Red asks Blaine if Blaine knew he could've gotten himself killed. Blaine presents Red the Master Ball. Red sees Blaine could've captured Mewtwo without injuring himself. Blaine responds that it is impossible to get to Mewtwo, considering its power. Blaine recognizes Red's compassion, ever since he saw him in the Team Rocket HQ.

Blaine tells he saw him in the Game Center of Celadon City. Back then, he became a scientist and had to guilt of experimenting on Pokémon. However, he saw Red's will to protect Mew and changed Gyarados, who distursted people. Before Blaine saw Red, he already made Mewtwo, but became ashamed. He tells Red is the reason he quit Team Rocket. Red tells Blaine not to leave him. Suddenly, Mewtwo appears and takes Red's hat. Red sees he needs to find his weak spot, but does not have any idea where it is.

Red sends Poli to attack, but Mewtwo conjures a spoon, hitting Poli with it. Red is shocked, so Blaine tells that Mewtwo adapts to the battle stiuation it is. It uses the spoon and, despite the silliness, it is the perfect weapon of psychics. Mewtwo attacks, but Red escapes. Blaine warns Red it cannot be captured in a Poké Ball. Red sends Snor, Gyara and Saur. However, Mewtwo conjures a tornado, which causes the Pokémon to be engulfed into.

Red uses Aero and rides to the center of the twister. Blaine warns Red he tried already. Red and Pika also get blown, but Pika holds a Master Ball in his mouth. Pika touches Mewtwo with the Master Ball, capturing it. Red tells Blaine he waited Mewtwo to conjure the twister until Pika could capture it. Red sees Mewtwo, being captured in a cell, learned humans are arrogant and cruel. Red gives Mewtwo to Blaine, hoping it'll learn that not all humans are like that.

Blaine sees that the injury in his arm is subdued, so Mewtwo wants to start over. Blaine realizes Red is someone who cares about Pokémon and protects them, someone like a Pokémon Trainer. Blaine wishes he can battle Red one time, who promises to do that. Until that day, Red goes with Blaine and his Pokémon to the Indigo Plateau.



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