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And Mewtwo Too!? (VSミュウツー(前編) VS Mewtwo (Part 1)) is the 7th chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 3.


Red hears about the reports of a monster north-west of Cerulean City. He goes there and gets engulfed into a twister. However, Blaine saves him and explains Mewtwo is making this twister. Also, Blaine informs Red of the dark secret behind him and Mewtwo.

Chapter plot

Mewtwo escaped from its pod. Blaine tries to stop it, but the building crashes. Blaine wakes up and sees it was but a dream. He rides Rapidash, onwards on Cerulean City. Next day, Red receives report of a monster, northwest of Cerulean City, who burned a field. Bill warns Red not to go there and catch it, but Red is already there. Red sees that the whole field was trampled and remembers it had pointy ears, purple eyes and a white body.

Red finds the cave, but sees his Pokémon shaken. He is surprised to see a tornado and gets engulfed in it, along with his Pokémon. He is even more surprised to see the tornado coming from the cave, so he and his Pokémon hold together. Red goes to call his Pokémon back, but notices his Poké Balls gone. He separates from his Pokémon, but Red gets pulled by a hand. Red receives his Poké Balls and returns his Pokémon back before they are pulled into the Twister. Red sees Blaine saved him, thanking him for that.

Red thinks this twister is made by the monster. Blaine warns the monster must be defeated. Rapidash uses Fire Spin. Red notices the twister bouncing back. Blaine explains this twister is a shield, capable of twisting anything, which means a psychich activity is present. Blaine knows at the end of the twister is a powerful Pokémon, one that he created: Mewtwo. Mewtwo appears and conceals itself, then goes to attack. Red notices Blaine's arm is mutating. Blaine explains that he fashioned Mewtwo from Mew's cells, but since they were lacking more cells, he used some from his own arm.

However, some of Mew's cells have been injected into Blaine's arm and when Mewtwo controls his body, it will take his life. With those cells, Blaine and Mewtwo know where one another is present. Blaine sees that even now Team Rocket cannot frighten them, even if they called him a traitor. Suddenly, Red is being pulled into a fireball wall, as Blaine does not want Red to get into this mess. Red knows Blaine cannot defeat Mewtwo on his own. Blaine warns Red this is not one of his adventures. If Mewtwo is not stopped, it will destroy city by city. Blaine thinks Red will be a great trainer someday, then rides on Rapidash to attack Mewtwo, by himself.