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The Art Of Articuno (VSフリーザー VS Articuno) is the 4th chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 3.


Red goes to save Blue, who reveals that his pendant saved his life. Koga uses Articuno to freeze Red and Blue and succeeds. Little does he know that Blue sent a Pokémon, who turns the situation around.

Chapter plot

Red sends Poli to attack. Koga notices them, so his Golbat pushes Poli away, then has Grimer possess Red. Koga tells Red he will finish him off after dealing with Blue. Koga's Golbat attacks Blue, but something happens. Blue sent Pidgeot to attack Koga, so Blue stands up, baffling Koga, as Blue was attacked by a Razor Wind. Blue tells him of the pendant his grandfather gave him, which has the power to reflect attacks.

Koga presents Articuno, who uses Blizzard, while Koga threatens to kill Red. Koga sees Red was on Seafoam Islands and thanks him for helping Team Rocket capturing Articuno. Red is baffled, so Koga explains when Articuno protected Gyarados, it used a lot of energy, enough to be captured. Koga tells the Articuno that saved him will be his demise. Koga orders Articuno to use Ice Beam, attacking Red with it. Blue sees that Koga controls Articuno too easily. Koga presents the Soul Badge, which, along with three other badges, possess Articuno. He, Lt. Surge, Sabrina and Team Rocket leader have one.

Koga tells the title of Gym Leader means power. Articuno begins to freeze Red and Blue, the latter trying to escape. Articuno freezes them entirely, so Koga wishes he could've used them as subordinates instead. Suddenly, Koga feels sweat and gets attacked. He turns back and sees Red and Blue, unfrozen. It is because Blue sent Charizard to melt the ice. Porygon and Pikachu attack Koga, who is defeated. Blue notices the Soul Badge and takes it. Red is angry, as Blue didn't have to heat the whole room up.

Blue sends Golduck to detect its thoughts, but a psychic barrier prevents that. Blue orders Golbat to show where Prof. Oak is. Blue notices it is in the basement, but soon hears a scream. Red realizes it is Green. Blue departs away to save Oak, but before he does, he gives Red the Soul Badge.



Blue's Pidgeot


Tri Attack


Soul Badge