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Zap! Zap! Zapdos! (VSサンダ, VS Zapdos) is the 3rd chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 3.


Green came to the building and meets up with her opponent: Sabrina, the Psychic Pokémon master! Sabrina's Kadabra uses its powers to attack Blastoise, but Green has a trick under her sleeve. Red, however, sends Ivysaur to battle Lt. Surge, whose Zapdos electrocutes Red. Red and Ivysaur change their tactics, which may enable them a victory!

Chapter plot

Green manages to sneak into the building through the back door. However, she hears a noise and soon finds herself near a tower, outdoors. A woman appears before Green, telling Green will endure her own fears. Green sends Blastoise to attack the woman, who teleports away, shocking Green as she can also use hypnosis. The woman introduces herself as Psychic-type Pokémon master, Sabrina, who created the barrier outside the city. Her Kadabra uses Psychic, pushing Green away and disarming her off her Poké Balls, while Sabrina taunts Green she can only fool boys. Sabrina knows Blastoise is her strongest Pokémon, so orders Kadabra to finish it off.

Kadabra uses Disable, weakening the Blastoise. Sabrina tells this is what it means to oppose Team Rocket. Green, however, sends a Blastoise, who uses Mega Punch. Sabrina sees that this is the real the Blastoise, while the first one was but a Ditto. Green's Horsea uses Smokescreen, dimming Sabrina's vision, while Green taunts her. Sabrina does not see a thing, while Green puts some goggles, seeing her perfectly, as she makes her next move.

Meanwhile, Lt. Surge zaps Red with a lot of electricity, which only Red can feel. Lt. Surge tosses Red away, who sends Ivysaur. However, Zapdos' Thundershock electrocutes Ivysaur, so Lt. Surge thinks autun is coming for Ivysaur. Ivysaur uses Razor Leaf, so Lt. Surge goes to finish it, ordering Thunder. However, Red was hoping for that, as the Razor Leaf cuts the cords and wires. Lt. Surge still cannot be hurt, as he wears electric-proof gear. However, Ivysaur cut some of his clothes, causing Lt. Surge to be electrocuted and defeated. Red searches through Lt. Surge, finding a Thunder Badge and obtaining his gloves. Before leaving, Red tells Lt. Surge nothing is more powerful than friendship between a trainer and his Pokémon.

Red walks up the stairs and finds Blue unconscious. Koga orders his Golbat to attack, so Red yells, seeing he is late.



Blastoise (Green's)



Thunder Badge