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Kalling Kadabra (VSユンゲラー, VS Kadabra) is the 13th and final chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 2.


Blue and Green meet each other at Saffron City, but see there is a barrier. Red comes back home and meets Oak, who attacks him. Red fights back and finds it is a Kadabra, whose mistress tells Red to come to Saffron City to save the villagers.

Chapter plot

Green tries to enter Saffron City, but the guard does not allow her. She attempts to charm him, but the guard kicks her out. She sees she needs to find a way in. Blue also tries to enter, but fails. As a last resort, he sends Charizard and flies on it. Blue flies and spots a woman flying with a Jigglypuff, who is Green. Green is charmed by Blue, who ignores her and flies down. Green tries to warn him, but Blue already bashes into a barrier. Green detects it is made by a Psychic Pokémon, but a powerful one, since it surrounds the city. Charizard tries to burn the barrier, but fails. Green advises him to team up with her, but Blue flies off to his grandpa.

Meanwhile, Red uses Gyarados to surf to Pallet Town. Red notices Pallet Town deserted and goes into Prof. Oak's lab. He sees Oak and greets him, informing of his adventures. However, Oak attacks Red (who manages to dodge). Saur uses Vine Whip to bind Oak, who seems possessed. Oak uses Psybeam on Saur, so Red sees it is a Psychic Pokémon. Oak uses Psywave, so Saur uses Leech Seed to reveal the truth. Oak reveals to be a Kadabra, while a woman is pleased hypnosis works on humans and Pokémon. She advises him to go to Saffron City if he wants to save Oak and Pallet Town. Red sees she captured them, but gets pushed to the ground. Saur uses Razor Leaf, but the woman is an illusion, who bids Red farewell and vanishes.

Red wonders about Saffron City and sees Blue. Red tells Blue what happened, while Blue shows him a photo of Team Rocket gathering near a building. Blue also reports there is a barrier, so they need to unite forces to defeat them.



Charizard (Blue's)