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You Know... Articuno! (VSフリーザー VS Articuno) is the 11th chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 2.


Misty transpored Red to Seafoam Islands and trades her Gyarados for his Krabby. Red manages to find Articuno and Team Rocket. However, Gyarados becomes enraged, as it remembers Team Rocket from the past!

Chapter plot

The girl scolds Red, as he came for an item. She scolds him what'd happened if Gyarados didn't come, when he could've asked her for transport. Red and the girl wink, who is Misty. Meanwhile, a winged Pokémon passes through the mountains as Team Rocket searches for something. Red tries to control Gyarados, so Misty tells to push his weight on its head. Red performs a trick, but ends up being tossed on the beach with Gyarados. Misty tells him he could've said it to stop. Misty also tells Red since HM Surf was destroyed, he needs to take her Gyarados, who has been tamed since their last encounter. Misty leaves, as she has her duties as a Gym Leader, so takes Red's Krabby with her. Red bids farewell to her, so he sees he needs to go after Team Rocket alone. Meanwhile, Misty hopes Red wins the other badges.

Red suddenly feels cold, so in help in his search, sends his Pokémon, along with Gyarados Misty gave him. However, Gyarados makes Red's Pokémon scared, even if they are told Gyarados has changed. Suddenly, a Muk appears, so Gyarados protects Red. Red orders his Pokémon to help, who are too scared of Gyarados. Red goes to help it, but this alrerts Team Rocket. They tell Red whenever Articuno senses an enemy, it freezes itself. Muk attempts to take Articuno, so Red tells Gyarados to stop it. However, Red notices a look in Gyarados eyes and wonders if it remembers the experiments being done on it, so it must be furious.

Muk attacks Gyarados, while Articuno breaks out and flies away. However, Red tells his Pokémon to help Gyarados, as it is in pain. Red tells Eevee this has been done on it. Eevee and the other Pokémon are ready to help Gyarados. The Pokémon defeat Muk, while Team Rocket attempt to control Articuno. Articuno throws chuncks of ice on Team Rocket, then attacks Muk with Blizzard. Gyarados is not enraged anymore, while Articuno flees. Despite Articuno's retreat, Red is glad the Pokémon achieved teamwork, helping out their newest friend, Gyarados.