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A Hollow Victreebel (VSウツボット, VS Victreebel) is the 8th chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 2.


Red continues his adventure in Safari Zone. Led by a robo-Pidgey, Red manages to get out of their vines. The Nidoking still tracks him, so Red uses a new strategy to save himself and capture new Pokémon.

Chapter plot

The men from the control room search for Red. Pika yells out, wondering where Red went. They managed to find his hat at the ground. Red, meanwhile, struggles with Victreebel, who carries him away, showing him a bunch of Bellsprout and Weepinbell. He gets tied to a tree. The robo-Pidgey visits Red, telling him they are making an evolution ceremony. Red is shocked, thinking he is their food. Red shows the robo-Pidgey his stuff, wanting to break out.

Later, Victreebel, as an older Pokémon, gives food to the younger ones. Red is next, so robo-Pidgey goes off and blows a tune using the Poké Flute. Red throws a Poké Doll. Robo-Pidgey tells Red the flute wakes sleeping Pokémon and the ceremony cannot continue if they are awake, while the Poké Doll distracts the Pokémon. Red manages to get free, but robo-Pidgey tells he woke up other Pokémon as well. This causes Nidoking (with one eye) to come after Red. Red goes back and swings Victreebel's vine. The Nidoking goes to attack Red, but Victreebel and other Pokémon protect Red, considering him food. Despite Nidoking being stronger than Victreebel, Red throws his Safari Ball to catch Nidoking.

However, Red caught Victreebel, since Nidoking weakened it. Now, Red goes to battle Nidoking. He sends Victreebel, who wraps Nidoking. However, Nidoking is too strong, so robo-Pidgey sees Victreebel knows Wrap, Sleep Powder, Stun Spore and Poison Powder. Victreebel uses Poison Powder, which weakens Nidoking. Red throws his Poké Ball and captures Nidoking, thanking robo-Pidgey for assistance. However, the other Pokémon track Red, since he caused a lot of trouble. The men search for Red and find a hat. Pika confirms that is Red's, so the men are warned about the Victreebel.

Suddenly, Pokémon from the Safari Zone attack. However, Red stops the attacks and reports to the men he caught them all. Pika and the men are shocked, but Red tells they should've seen those that escaped.