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Blame It on Eevee (VSイーブイ, VS Eevee) is the 5th chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 2.


Red comes to Erika's Gym and requests a battle. Erika responds he needs to catch an Eevee to battle her. Red accepts, though Bill aids him, since it is difficult to find one. However, they see that Eevee can burn, soak and electrocute enemies!

Chapter plot

As Red rides his bike, he falls as he could've crashed into a Tangela. However, Red notices many people carrying stuff. Red gets restrained by two men, who want Red to respect their mistress, Miss Erika. Erika tells everyone to apologize, so the men force Red to bow before her, since she is a daughter of the richest man in Celadon City, plus she is the Gym Leader. Red wants her to battle him, showing off his two badges. Red tells he defeated Brock and Misty, so wants another badge. The men attack Red for challenging Erika (since she came from a long journey). Erika stops them and accepts Red's challenge, but must prove himself first.

Red accepts the challenge, but regrets, as he has to catch an Eevee for her. Red is frustrated, but gets contacted by Bill. Bill comes to Red (since his cottage is not very far away) and admits catching an Eevee is difficult. He shows an image of Eevee to Red. Bill contacts some researchers, but they report they haven't seen it. Erika practices at the archery range. A servant tells she missed, so Erika sends a Vileplume, who uses Petal Dance. However, Vileplume hits a Drowzee, who followed the servant. Erika sees they need to get Eevee as soon as possible.

Bill and Red came to the city, where they need to find Eevee. It was seen breathing fire, so Red thinks it is a Fire-type. Bill uses a device, which should track Eevee down. Red goes to use Krabby and detects Eevee, while Bill uses the device to search it, not aware it is close. Krabby goes to attack, but gets electrcuted. Bill and Red see it is an Electric-type. Red sends Diglett, who digs away, but gets hit by a Water attack. Red sends Saur, who gets burned by a Fire attack. Bill now realizes that Eevee is both a Fire, a Water and an Electric-type Pokémon. Red notices the Eevee uses its ears and realizes it predicts the Pokémon's type, to make sure it counterattacks. Red's Saur uses Razor Leaf to cover its ears, then launches a Solar Beam to defeat it.

Bill and Red see a microchip, which looks like someone forced it to evolve at the right time. Red storms off, knowing Erika knows much more about this Eevee than anyone else.