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That Awful Arbok (VSアーボック VS Arbok) is the 14th and final chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 1.


Red manages to break Blue's control, who is furious about being possessed. Red and Blue climb up to the tower and encounter a man, who fought with Red at Mt. Moon: Koga!

Chapter plot

Red notices that Blue and Charmeleon are being possessed by the fog. Charmeleon strikes, but gets binded by Bulbasaur's Vine Whip. Red tries to convince Blue they need to find the enemy who possesses thesse Pokémon. Red remembers there is but one Pokémon capable of possessing people: Gastly. Gastly appears above Blue. Bulbasaur uses Razor Leaf, but the attack goes throuzgh Gastly, not hitting it. Charmander uses Fire Spin, but Bulbasaur blows a wind. Fire Spin is redirected to attack Gastly, who escapes, releasing Blue and Charmander.

With enough wind blown, Bulbasaur hits Gastly with a Solar Beam, sending Gastly out of the tower. Blue wakes up and sees Red rescued him. Blue walks away and Red warns him that is not the way out. Blue tells he will show "that moron" he cannot possess people and throw spells on them. Red follows Blue and lets him know that he fought a lot of dead Pokémon to save him. Suddenly, goo bursts out. Red and Blue are saved by Charmeleon, though Red's sleeve catches some of the acid. Suddenly, a man appears, which Red identifies as the one whom he fought at Mt. Moon, his name being ninja Koga.

Koga admits the tower is a perfect base, as the people outside are too suspicious and wary of the tower nobody enters it. Charmeleon goes to attack the man, but it is a projection. An Arbok appears, who uses Acid. Red and Blue escape, down the staircase. Red warns Blue of the dead Pokémon, who realizes Koga is controlling Pokémon from a distance. Charmeleon uses Reflect, causing Arbok's attack to be deflected. Still, Arbok continues attacking, using Acid to hit Charmeleon. Koga laughs, however Charmeleon defeats Arbok. Koga realizes Arbok melted a dead Psyduck, while Red thinks Blue is a good trainer, but decides not to tell him that. Koga is furious and departs away.

Mr. Fuji thanks Red for the help, as his Doduo can rest in peace, while the townsfolk are no longer suspicious. Red admits it was Blue who rescued the town, who walks away. With Pika, Poli and Saur, Red continues his journey.