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Buzz Off, Electabuzz! (VSエレブー VS Electabuzz) is the 11th chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 1.


Red starts the fight with the soldier, who has a mighty Eletabuzz. While Red's Poli manages to freeze the soldier and Electabuzz, he and Poli fall in a trap. However, an unexpected miracle comes from Poli...

Chapter plot

The soldier is pleased to have Red cornered and intimidates him, wanting to know why he entered the ship. Red replies Pokémon have been captured and he came to find them. The soldier laughs at Red, as he believes he is "rescuing" these weak Pokémon. The soldier thinks with more money earned by this job, he can expand his business. Red sees this soldier did it, while the soldier knows the kid cannot defeat him with one Pokémon. The soldier calls on the meanest Pokémon he has, so mean it won't stay in the Poké Ball. It is why it is a perfect guard, so the soldier's Electabuzz uses ThunderPunch. Red is knocked out and wonders what to do.

Poli releases some water on the ground, while the soldier orders Electabuzz to attack. Poli freezes the water, causing the soldier and Electabuzz's feet to be frozen and are unable to move. Red releases a smoke and gets away. Elsewhere on the ship, Red is glad he and Poli got away from people like that soldier, just like in old times. However, Red notices Magnemite floating and sneaks around. He climbs the ladder and hopes it ain't a trap, while the soldier observes him.

Red encounters a Magneton, who uses Supersonic. Red drops Poli, who gets captured by the soldier. The soldier throws Poli into the water and goes to punish the kid. Electabuzz charges itself, while Red is trapped. Electabuzz uses Thunderbolt on Red, causing Red to be in pain. When done, the Magneton throw Red into the sea. Red remembers he was drowining and Poliwag came to save him, and evolved into a Poliwhirl. The man is glad to have the kid rid of, but suddenly, a Poliwrath emerges with Red. Electabuzz goes to attack, but Poliwrath stops it. The soldier goes to escape, but gets thrown in the water with Electabuzz, as Poli used Seismic Toss.

Later, the police arrest the sailors, but never found the soldier, whose name was Lt. Surge. Still, the Pokémon are rescued. The old man comes with Pikachu and thanks Red for solving this crisis. He notices Poliwhirl evolved into a Poliwrath, but shakes Red, as he did not got his Abra back. Red tells him Abra evolved into an Alakazam, shocking the old man, as he faints.