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...But Fearow Itself! (VSオニドリル VS Fearow) is the 9th chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 1.


As Red is worried about having too many Poké Balls, he meets a half-Pokémon named Bill. Bill gets captured by a Fearow, so Red tracks it down. Fearow decides to strike back, but Red has a secret strategy under his sleeve...

Chapter plot

A man is annoyed that his machine is broken. He goes to fix it, but accidentally his shirt pulls the door. The machine activates, with a Rattata in the other chamber. Red, on the other hand, has trouble by having a lot of Poké Balls under his belt, even catching a Bellsprout. One of them drops, so Red takes it back, only to see a Rattata. However, that Rattata has a strange head, the head of the man whose machine was broken. The half-Pokémon is annoyed, as he could lift the log he carries quite easily if he was human. Red is shocked that Pokémon can talk.

The half-Pokémon is grateful to encounter a real human and asks for Red's help. Red is scared of him, so the half-Pokémon introduces himself as Bill, an expert on Pokémon. He shows his sea cottage, but gets taken away by a Fearow. Red goes after the Fearow, tracking it down. Red's Bulbasaur uses Razor Leaf, but misses. Bill advises Red to paralyze Fearow, so Grass Pokémon won't do much good against it. Red's Poliwhirl uses Ice Beam and Pikachu uses Thunder Wave. However, those attacks hit Bill, who is not pleased. Bill orders Red to wait for Fearow to land, though Red does not think he can catch up to them.

Pikachu is being launched in the sky, who uses electric attacks. Red believes Pikachu has a chance on hitting Fearow from the sky rather than the ground. Fearow is taken down, while Bill is released. Red taunts Fearow, who recovers. Red and his Pokémon are cornered, while Bill warns Red to watch out for Fearow, who goes to attack. Fearow uses Drill Peck, piercing Poliwhirl. However, Fearow is being frozen, so Red admits that was his strategy, and it helped to know what attack Fearow used. At Bill's cottage, Red activates the machine. Bill is reverted back to its human form. Bill introduces the Pokémon transporter, which should enable Pokémon to be transported wherever required.

However, it has some glitches, like turning people into Pokémon. Still, Bill is pleased and Red introduces himself to Bill. Red lets him know he wants to become the greatest Pokémon trainer. Bill admires his mission and decides to give him help, by sending Pokémon to him whenever he needs. He takes a Poké Ball, but is shocked to see a Fearow inside, while Red laughs.