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Raging Rhydon (VSサイドン VS Rhydon) is the 7th chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 1.


Misty and Red go atop Mt. Moon, where they face many members of Team Rocket. One member sends Rhyhorn and attacks. Despite Rhyhorn being defeated, the grunt injects a substance, forcing Rhyhorn to evolve, ushing Misty and Red to their limits!

Chapter plot

On Mt. Moon, Team Rocket are searching for the Moon Stone. One grunt orders the others if there is an intruder, extreme force must be used. Meanwhile, Misty and Red race to the mountain. Red and Misty notice the grunts and remember they need to secure the Moon Stone. They sneak past the grunts, into the cave. They notice it is a dark, damp cave. Red counts on Pikachu, sending it. Misty notices Pikachu, so Red claims it is no Mickey Mouse. Despite Pikachu's annoyance, it manages to light the cave.

Red and Misty walk, but encounter Team Rocket, who think they are like Tom Sawyer annd Little Becky. Red sees Team Rocket and goes to battle their Rhyhorn. Rhyhorn starts with Rock Throw. Pikachu dodges and sends the rocks back to Rhyhorn, who gets hit by the rocks. Red admits Pikachu may look cute, but is ornery. The grunt thinks this takes him to his childhood, so injects a substance into Rhyhorn, causing it to become stronger, causing it to evolve into a Rhydon. Misty asks if that was done on Gyarados. The grunt replies he does not know, as he experiemented on a lot of Pokémon.

Misty sends Staryu, who uses Water Gun on Rhydon, weakening it. However, the grunt smiles, as Rhydon uses Horn Drill, causing Red, Misty and their Pokémon to be soaked in a waves. Misty gets bashed on a cave wall and falls unconcious. Red is angry and promises Team Rocket will pay. Pikachu goes to attack, but gets stomped over by Rhydon. Rhydon uses Horn Drill to send rocks to hit Red. Red knows he can't win every battle, but is determined to win against these jerks. Pikachu reacts, using electricity to knock Rhydon over. Pikachu flies away and the grunt taunts it. However, Pikachu caused a boulder to fall down on Team Rocket.

Team Rocket escape, causing the boulder to fall down. The grunt is displeased and takes his hat off. Red takes Misty out of the cave. Misty notices she is covered in dirt and hits Red for that fact. Red tells that Pikachu fought Rhydon and defeated it in one move. Nevertheless, Misty thinks Team Rocket will take the Moon Stone. Red tells Misty to let him finish the story. When the boulder fell down, Red noticed the Moon Stone and took it. Red goes to use it, while Misty admires Red.