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Onix is On! (VSピカチュウ VS Onix) is the 5th chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 1.


Red arrived at the Pewter City's Gym, only to see his rival, Blue, fighting with challengers. Red uses his Poliwhirl and Bulbasaur to fight the Rock and Ground Pokémon, managing himself to face Brock, the Gym Leader. However, Red faces himself in a tough position, as he needs to use Pikachu, who still disobeys him.

Chapter plot

Red runs to Pewter Gym, only to see a battle. Blue, whose Charmander evolved into a Charmeleon, is fighting an opponent. Red signs up to be the challenger, while the people watching are amazed by the battles. Red faces a challenger and his Graveler, but remembers the only Pokémon at full health is his Pikachu, who cannot be controlled and won't stand a chance at the gym. Red sends Poliwhirl, though the challenger notices Poliwhirl does not have much health. Poli starts the battle and finishes it in one turn, as it uses Ice Beam on Graveler, defeating it.

Red manages to defeat each and every challenger's Pokémon, from a Sandshrew to Cubone. The challengers notice he has a strategy and, including Bulbasaur and Poliwhirl's type advantage, think he has a chance at winning. After many challengers, Red faces Brock, who is impressed by Red's skills. Before the battle, Red asks Pikachu to fight, Pikachu ignores Red, so Red pushes him to the stage. Pikachu is not interested, so Brock asks Red where is his K.O. hit. Brock's Onix uses Rock Throw, but Pika dodges. However, one boulder hits it on its head, making Pikachu very mad.

Ironically, Pikachu zaps Red and chases him around the stage. Brock is angry to see Red was lucky to win, so has Onix to attack Pikachu by using its body as a torpedo, knowing it will send out shockwaves. Onix uses Skull Bash, causing Pikachu and Red to be knocked out. Red is glad Pikachu is not seriously hurt and lets Pikachu know it does not need to fight Onix if it does not want to. Red asks if they can be friends. Onix goes to strike. However, Pikachu found some respect for its trainer and shocks Onix, causing it to be dissolved into rock pieces. Everyone is surprised and shocked but Pikachu, who is proud. Red is the victor.

Later, Red learns he and Blue are the only ones who won a Boulder Badge. He thanks Pikachu and introduces it to Bulbasaur and Poliwhirl. He invites Pikachu to come with them, but only if it wants to. Red and Pikachu go to handshake. However, Pikachu performs a prank, still mad at Red, and electrocutes him.






Pikachu hit Onix with an electric attack, though ground-type Pokémon are immune to such attacks.