It All Ends Now VI (最終超決戦VI The Final Battle VI) (known as The Final Showdown VI in Chuang Yi version) is the 6th chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 22.


While Sapphire and Wallace try to get into Sootopolis, they are visited by the Trick Master and his generator. Powering Plusle and Minun up, they create a hole to get into the floating city. However, they face more problems and obstacles.

Chapter plot

Ruby is wrapped by Tentacruel, for Maxie and Archie have him targeted. Ruby realizes they pulled Courtney to her end, as Archie thinks she got what she deserved. Wallace notices his Sapphire still being trapped in his aircar, but notices electric sparks coming out of it. Wallace goes up with Metagross and Sapphire reports Plusle and Minun are sensing something. Wallace has Metagross pull the aircar up, but are barred from the energy Kyogre and Groudon released. In addition, Rayquaza's ozone has formed a powerful shield around the city. Sapphire points at a hole in this shield, as Plusle and Minun were charging and have released energy to open a small rift towards the city.

Plusle and Minun repeat their attacks, expanding this rift. Wallace sees Plusle and Minun are not strong enough to open the rift. Sapphire slams her hand, wanting to protect Ruby, who is in danger. However, someone approaches Sapphire, claiming she needs a stronger electrical source. Inside, Ruby is slammed by Tentacruel, as Archie and Maxie pick up the Red and Blue Orbs, intending on summoning the two ancient Pokémon once more. They admit they should've made alliance from the start and get rid from all the things that stand in their path: the Gym Leaders, the Association, even their own lieutenants. Maxie and Archie plan on conducting this plan to start a new history. Maxie turns around and despite Norman lying down unconscious, he has Houndoom burn him. Ruby yells his dad's name, as he is hit by Houndoom.

Sapphire sees the generator she battled in New Mauville. The Trick Master greets her, admitting he wanted to help others to fight the crisis, but his modifying of the generator took longer than expected. He came, but everything was over, until he encountered Sapphire. Sapphire starts crying, but Wallace comforts her. Plusle and Minun link themselves to the generator and are powered up, then release electricity, opening the rift, allowing the aircar to go through. They see Maxie and Archie, who have defeated Ruby and are attacking Norman.

Wallace understands why Steven gave him the Champion's cloak. Wallace puts the cloak on, gaining the attention of Maxie and Archie. Wallace prepares himself, claiming there is no need to say his name if they recognize the cloak. Even if they don't know the cloak, Wallace claims they don't deserve to know his name.


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