It All Ends Now III (最終超決戦III The Final Battle III) (known as The Final Showdown III in Chuang Yi version) is the 3rd chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 22.


Courtney is trapped inside the cave. Ruby tries to get her out, but Courtney refuses. Instead, she sends him a message through her memory lighter, to reveal the past.

Chapter plot

Courtney goes to tell Ruby who is the man riding Rayquaza, but the three ancient Pokémon roar out, making it too loud for Ruby to hear. Suddenly, a tentacle pulls Courtney into the cave and as Ruby follows her, Rayquaza attacks Kyogre and Groudon. The blast blows away Mumu and Ruby, who try to get Courtney out of the rubble. Courtney tells Ruby she cannot move and gives him the Blue Orb. Ruby is astounded, seeing she possesses great spiritual strength to have gotten the Blue Orb out of her body. Courtney tells Ruby her time is over and has to pass it to the young ones.

Ruby does not believe in that, thinking they can participate in a Pokémon Contest after all this is done. Courtney sees Ruby knows she took part in Contests, for Ruby picked up a burnt ribbon at Rusturf Tunnel. Courtney remembers the times she took a lot of care to her Vulpix, with another girl having a Clefairy, thinking she is similar to Ruby. The cave starts collapsing, so Courtney blows out a balloon out of gum and places her lighter inside. Enforcing it from the berries of the juice, Courtney releases the balloon. Groudon is knocked onto the wall, crushing the cave, with Courtney inside. Ruby is shocked, for Courtney is gone.

However, he notices her balloon and takes it. He notices her memory lighter and sees the symbol of a Balance Badge, the badge Norman gives away. Ruby realizes Norman is riding Rayquaza, while Courtney hopes Ruby realizes what his father sacrificed to find Rayquaza.


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