It All Ends Now I (最終超決戦I The Final Battle I) (known as The Final Showdown I in Chuang Yi version) is the 1st chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 22.


Ruby goes with Courtney, for they made a pact at Mirage Island, fearing for Sapphire's safety.

Chapter plot

As Ruby left Sapphire and went with Courtney to stop Kyogre and Groudon by using the orbs, Mumu tries to blow away water to destroy obstacles to reach Kyogre and Groudon. Wallace is nervous, seeing that Ruby ditched Sapphire and went with the Team Magma admin in Sootopolis City. Wallace does not understand, for he did left Ruby and Sapphire to be trained with Juan. Steven reminds him they got to get Sapphire out of the aircar. The Elite Four praise the legendary Golems, as they are still standing to suppress the destruction, without marks of exhaustion. However, they realize the energy of this destruction has no place to go and is slowly rising in the air, towards the sky.

Ruby and Troppy are hit by rubble. Ruby wonders if he did right to trap Sapphire, for he does not want to get her hurt. Courtney reminds him he could go back if he has second thoughts. Ruby decides to go on, thinking he wouldn't imagine he'd go save Hoenn with Courtney. Ruby remembers when his Pokédex started malfunctioning, Ruby saw these records were actually Sapphire's. He noticed how Sapphire went through Hoenn region on foot, seeing these records, while he was driving with Gabby and Ty. Just then, Courtney appeared, calming Ruby down. When Tate and Liza actually detected her, Plusle and Minun were in the way, luckily for Courtney. She knew Ruby was to go with Sapphire to save Hoenn region. She proposed to go with Ruby, since she really did not care about the goals of Team Magma, only wanting to have some fun at it.

However, she saw the power of Kyogre and Groudon and was not amused by that. She knew the destruction will spread throughout Hoenn, which was the reason why she wanted to go with Ruby. Besides, Courtney told Ruby Sapphire might be possessed by the Orb. Ruby couldn't allow that and accepted the deal. In the present, Courtney admits she is envious of Ruby to take care of Sapphire like that. At any rate, Courtney accepts of one the Orbs to help Ruby to stop the threat.


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