The Beginning of the End with Kyogre & Groudon XIII (VS カイオーガ & グラードン XIII VS Kyogre & Groudon XIII) is the 2nd chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 21.


Steven came with the Elite Four, sending them on an important mission. He also remembers Wallace is the actual champion and decides to give him the Champion's cloak before going to next phase of his plan.

Chapter plot

The blind boy travels with the swimmer out of Slateport City. The boy remembers the Ever Grande City is where the Pokémon League is held. A new rule states that when only one participant is left, he or she need to challenge the Elite Four and the Champion before entering the Hall of Fame. The boy tells it is the Champion himself that told him this - Steven, whom the boy promised to hold onto the stone slab the boy received. Steven approaches Wallace, with the Elite Four arriving as well - Glacia, Phoebe, Drake and Sidney. Wallace did not expect the Elite Four to be here, since they are mostly at the Pokémon League.

Steven admits he needed more people to fight the threat of the Hoenn region, hence why Elite Four came to his mind. Steven orders the Elite Four to go to their positions, so they fly off on Steven's Metang. Steven gives Wallace the Champion's cloak, since Wallace won the Pokémon League years ago. The Association director intended Wallace to be the Champ and to move Steven to the Elite Four. Wallace refused, since he only wanted to become Sootopolis City's Gym Leader, to replace his mentor, Juan. Steven knows well while that is the truth, Wallace had another reason to be a Gym Leader - Winona became one at the same time. Wallace admits Steven is correct, since he wanted to be near her.

Wallace sees he needs to give Steven a better reason to keep the Champion's cloak. Suddenly, Tabitha rises up and Torkoal strikes, so Steven has Metagross attack them. Steven sees Tabitha is mad by simply touching the orb, deciding to follow Groudon to find the ones that wield the orbs. However, Groudon is gone, as Wallace is certain Roxanne has Nosepass use Block on it. They realize Roxanne lost. Steven is also shocked, as it is past midnight, yet Groudon emits blinding heat. Steven decides to carry out his father's instructions. Mr. Stone was aware of the spies in his company, hence why this mission was carried in secrecy. Steven hears Drake, Sidney and Glacia are in place. Metagross attacks Torkoal, while Steven passes the cloak, knowing well his life would end as well.



Juan (flashback)



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