Can I Ninjask You a Question? (VSテッカニン VS Ninjask) is the 8th chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 20.


Wattson battles Amber, who obtains Shelly's Nincada, who evolves into a Ninjask. Wattson fights back and manages to defeat his Ninjask. Little does he realize an another Pokémon that evolves from Nincada...

Chapter plot

Winona, Wattson and Flannery battle the Team Aqua Admins. Amber stands in front of Wattson, having his Pelipper use Stockpile, Swallow and Spit Up. Manectric is hit, while Wattson realizes fighting Team Aqua is a distraction, for it allows Kyogre to move onwards. Wattson, knowing he has the type advantage, goes to defeat Amber quickly. However, Shelly gives Amber a new Pokémon, since he left everyone else at the Seafloor Cavern. Amber sends Shelly's Nincada, who, despite being hit by Manectric, still stands. Manectric roars, but Nincada is still not affected, for Amber was waiting for this moment: Nincada's evolution.

Nincada evolves into a Ninjask, who immediately attacks Manectric and Wattson. Wattson is overwhelmed by its speed. Amber is pleased by its Speed Boost, causing Ninjask to be faster with each move used. Amber tries to get Ninjask to use Double Team, but Manectric slams Ninjask to the ground and strikes it with Thunder. Wattson knows despite at cost of Manectric, Ninjask has been defeated, while Wattson smiles, for he has one more Pokémon left. However, a new Pokémon appears, so Amber clarifies when Nincada evolves, it can evolve into a Ninjask, but it also creates the shell Pokémon, Shedinja, who knocks Wattson down.

Flannery and Winona see Wattson lost. Flannery goes to help him, but Shelly has Ludicolo grab her, as Flannery sees Wattson falling into the ocean. Flannery cries for Wattson, while the Shelly and Amber are glad one of them has been defeated.





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