Bravo, Vibrava (VSビブラーバ VS Vibrava) is the 7th chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 20.


As Roxanne, Wallace and Brawly fight with Team Magma Admins at Lilycove City, Winona comes to Wattson and Flannery to battle Team Aqua Admins.

Chapter plot

Roxanne, Brawly and Wallace encounter the three Team Magma Admins, who fly with Swellow and take all three Gym Leaders into different parts of Lilycove City. Blaise takes Brawly to the museum, Tabitha goes with Wallace to the Department Store and Courtney flies Roxanne to the inn. All three admins are eager to start battling the Gym Leaders. Elsewhere, Wattson and Flannery battle Kyogre, Shelly is furious the Gym Leaders are interfering with Kyogre's movements. She notices Amber will come soon. Matt and Shelly turn their heads around and notice him coming on a Pokémon from the sky.

However, the person is Winona, whose Altaria attacks with Dragon Breath. Matt and Shelly dodge, while Wattson and Flannery see Winona is now participating in battle, since she left the leadership to the Association Director. Winona sends Skarmory, who releases Metal Sound. Altaria hits Matt, Shelly and their Vibrava with Flamethrower, while her Skarmory uses Air Cutter. Flannery goes to help Winona out, sending Vulpix to use Ember. Vulpix hits Shelly's Vibrava, considering this as a nuisance. Flannery recognizes Shelly, as one of the people that extinguished Mt. Chimney.

As Flannery battles Shelly, Wattson tries to attack Kyogre, but it is too powerful for him. Surprisingly, out of the sea, Amber appears, letting Wattson know their leader has the Blue Orb that increases Kyogre's power. At Slateport City, the swimmer is trying to find survivors. He finds a boy in the hospital, with a Magikarp. He goes to rescue him, but the blind boy replies he was reading the text with his fingers. The boy replies he learned this skill at a hospital, who claims to be the champion of the Pokémon League and the leader of the Elite Four.






Shelly, when she was checking about Amber's whereabouts, had a device that looked like Nintendo DS.


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