No Armaldo Is an Island (VSアーマルド VS Armaldo) is the 5th chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 20.


While Ruby and Sapphire fight with Team Magma and Aqua after arriving to the Cave of Origin, Blaise saves Tabitha and Amber. Leaving Amber, Blaise picks up Tabitha, as they go to fight the Gym Leaders attacking Groudon.

Chapter plot

Ruby and Sapphire arrive with Relly to Seafloor Cavern. Sapphire thinks it took only a moment of their time to dive here, but wonders if it is actually days. Ruby remembers seeing a submarine, floating to the top. Ruby are surprised not to see a single person in the cave, but Sapphire is certain they are in deeper parts of the cave. Ruby takes Sapphire's hand, who pulls it back. Sapphire tells even if he is participating in this crisis, she still hasn't forgotten nor forgiven him for the words he said. Ruby takes the left and Sapphire the right side of the cave.

However, Nana stops Sapphire, for she is alert on danger. Ruby sees Nana wants them to stay here, so has Nana use Odor Sleuth. This is due to Team Aqua and Magma sending enforcements to attack Ruby and Sapphire, who send their Pokémon out. Meanwhile, Amber tries to plug the leak, while Tabitha has Torkoal use Smog to increase buoyancy to lift the submarine back to the surface. However, an explosion occurs, destroying the submarine. Tabitha grabs Amber and pulls him to the surface. Blaise, who flies on Swellow, notices the submarine shipwreck, so sends Armaldo, who pulls them both up.

Blaise checks Tabitha's lighter memory, seeing Amber gave the Blue Orb to his leader, but was betrayed. Blaise decides to leave Amber and takes Tabitha with him. Tabitha thanks Blaise, who informs him they are going to the site where Groudon is fighting the Gym Leaders. Blaise contacts Courtney, who has seen Groudon's awakening. Despite being at Mossdeep Research Center, Courtney decides to join her team mates to protect Groudon. Meanwhile, Ruby and Sapphire attack back Team Aqua and Magma's forces, but are approached by two men, who predict only one fate for these children: death.




Odor Sleuth


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