Very Vexing Volbeat (VSバルビート VS Volbeat) is the 4th chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 20.


Since Archie does not have the Blue Orb to control Kyogre, Amber goes after Tabitha, who took the orb to help Archie. Both enter an intense battle, though Amber relies on Volbeat's Trick. However, he does not realize what Archie has in mind...

Chapter plot

Inside the Cave of Origin, Archie is furious, for despite the death of the volcano and having awakened Kyogre first, Groudon is gaining the upper hand. Archie realizes Team Magma is behind this, sending Amber to deal with this. Maxie, however, is strained, since he controls both ancient Pokémon. Maxie has the intention to supress Kyogre and have Groudon expand the land. Maxie falls down, asking Tabitha to control Kyogre for him, since to control both Pokémon is a very straining task. Tabitha walks away and controls the Blue Orb from a distance.

Amber notices him, while Tabitha sees Tail Glow move. Torkoal yawns, causing a Volbeat to fall asleep. Amber shows himself, wishing Team Aqua did more research to find the orbs. Tabitha suspects Amber is with Team Aqua, so Amber has Volbeat use Signal Beam to attack Torkoal. Torkoal retaliates with Heat Wave, hitting Volbeat back. Tabitha grabs the Blue Orb and goes into the submarine, but Amber jumps on him, for he won't leave without the Blue Orb. Torkoal hits Amber, whose Volbeat does something. Tabitha sees he has a Figy Berry, while Volbeat has the Blue Orb. Amber is proud of Volbeat's Trick, which switched the items.

Volbeat gives the Orb to Archie, who is fascinated by the power. Amber and Tabitha go to escape, but the hatch closes and the submarine rumbles. Archie admits with the Orb in hand, he closed the hatch and removed the submarine component, meaning due to pressure in the depth of the ocean, the submarine will collapse. Archie is astounded, for he is tied with Maxie and has full control of Kyogre. As the submarine falls down, Ruby and Sapphire speed up to the depth of the ocean.



Amber's Volbeat



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